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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Kitchen Lust List!

For as long as can remember I have been obsessed with interiors. As a little girl, I dreamed of having a house when most girls dreamed of wedding dresses. I was forever re-organising my bedroom, always begging my mum to let me redecorate it. In fact in the 14 years I lived in my home before moving out, i had my room decorated about 5 times! Then when we got our first family computer, my grandparents bought me The Sims, and say no more.

So as soon as we saw our new house online I was deep in Pinterest before we had even set foot through the front door. 

The kitchen is smaller than my current kitchen but has an amazing layout, amazing cupboard & worktop space, the designers really have made the most of the space. It is a gorgeous off white gloss with dark grey worktops & matching floor.  Unlike other rooms, there isn’t much to do in this room, we already have gorgeous crockery etc so I’ve been putting together a little lust lives of my kitchen must haves for when we move! 

B&Q subway tiles, Applecrate UK shelves, Belfast Sink

First up I’ve got some of the ‘bigger’ purchases that I will need to save a little for. The kitchen is not tiles, so this is something we will definitely be doing. It goes without saying I want Subway tiles, I have found a perfect colour match to the kitchen in B&q (buy here) and they are a great price! There is a lovely big space by the kitchen window that I want to shelve, I’ve got a picture in my mind of these gorgeous chunky wood shelves full of jars, plants etc, so when I found these scaffold board style shelves on Applecrates UK, I fell in love. They are £29.99 each and I would like 3, but they will be worth the wait I’m sure!  Lastly, Although this is not a necessity at all, I really want to change the stainless steel sink for a Belfast sink (I mean who doesn’t?!) this one from Tap Warehouse (shop here) is a thing of sheer beauty!

We desperately need a new kettle and toaster. I’ve been lusting after the Breville set with the copper details, but decided as there is a lot of chrome detailing in the kitchen, to stick with the chrome version. I love these, they are a lovely fresh white and will look so nice on the side. I got these for a total bargain in Tesco too, I think £24.99 each! I also love these gorgeous ceramic jars with textured detailing and wooden lids, perfect for the coffee, tea bags & sugar. Again these will look great against the units, I want to keep the kitchen as minimalist and clean looking as I can. I’m obsessed with wood details at the moment so I love the wooden lids. These are Argos. Although I have also seen some gorgeous aztec type print ones very simialar but in grey, potentially they might bring a bit of colour, but I cannot remember where I saw them! And lastly a large glass jar from Wilko, they have them in so many sizes and they will look great full of pastas, biscuits, etc on the shelves I mentioned above. They also come with a little blackboard label which i adore because who doesn’t love labelling stuff?!

I love this serving stand from Ikea, I think it would be perfect for all our fruit and will look lovely on the side.  As I mentioned, I already have a gorgeous dinner set, plates, bowels, glassware etc but I love this pink plate from H&M Home, a few of these would be lovely for serving goodies for guests and will match the planned living room decor! The serving mitt is also H&M Home, and it’s just super cute! I only have 1 pair of oven gloves so definitely need this! And again for my shelves, I love this hanging plant from Ikea. It’s artificial, two kids to keep alive is enough!

 Lastly, I adore prints. My current home already has so many, and a new much bigger house is calling for lots more! I recently discovered Desenio Prints (I know late to the party as always!) I picked out a few things that are very ‘us’! Chris and I both love cooking and experimenting with herbs and flavours so I this herb print is on the must list, imagining it on the famous shelves! The cocktail print just goes without saying, this mama loves a cocktail! And I’m imagining the coffee print in A5 save in a little black frame above Mr P’s coffee machine! 

I have lots more products saved into my phone that I love for the kitchen, but I think these are my top products! I will certainly do a haul over on my channel once I start to buy more things. 

Do you like any of these products? What are your favourite kitchen must haves or kitchen accessories?


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