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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Do you beleive in fate?

If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my new Youtube channel, you will know that we have wanted to move for a while.  In fact the plan was to move while pregnant. However with my step dad's cancer diagnosis it just wasn't a good time so I made do with staying put for a while.  Once he was given the all clear and Ottilie had arrived safely into the world, we decided 2018 would be our year to buy a house.  So in October, we put our beloved two bedroom flat up for sale.  

Within 4 weeks we had a  buyer and I had found a house that would suit us.  But it all went tits up as these things often do.  Our buyer pulled out and we lost the house we wanted. Heartbreak hotel.  But as people kept saying to us; "It just wasn't meant to be". 

The weeks went on and over Christmas we got majorly fed up, it felt like our flat had been on sale for ages with little interest. several more viewings came in January but no offers.  But then fate stepped in, weird coincidence or whatever you want to call it.  My mum and step dad had also put their house up for sale earlier in the summer.  They had been asked if they wanted to view a house, they knew it wasn't really for them, and despite almost cancelling last minute, decided to go and have a look anyway.  They got chatting to the estate agent showing them round, and long story short she had a son, desperate to buy a flat in Kingshill. My mum gave her my details and the next day she called, absolutely itching to get her son round to view.  He viewed the following day and put an offer in! Yay, we had a buyer! he began proceeding with solicitors etc almost straight away, so we knew he was serious.  Problem was we couldn't find anything we A, liked, B could afford (F*ck you south east house prices).

My parents had since decided they were moving to a little village about 20 minutes from where we live now. We had ruled out moving there too, we didn't know much about the area. I found a little cul-de-sac of new build houses on line, that sounded perfect, but the location was vague and I wasn't sure they were in a location we would want to be in (typical), there would probably be none left anyway as it said they had been built since October 2017.  I decided to ring the number just to see and again by some weird fate and coincidence, they were in the very same village my mum will be moving too!  I had such exciting butterflies, and we jumped straight in the car to go and investigate. 

When we found the road they were in, I just instantly knew. Rolling countryside views. two parking spaces right outside, a small little cul-de-sac of new builds and the houses looked perfect.  We did some more investigating in regards to the location, it would only add 15 minutes to Mr P's work journey, it was an 11 minute walk to the primary school, and a village shop/cafe/hairdressers etc. Perfect. 

This is when we went a little bit crazy... We were due to go to Disneyland the following week.  There was only four 3 beds left, They were doing viewings the week we were away and it would be likely they would all be reserved.  We did manage to get into all the gardens to see the garden size and peek inside and after seeing the gardens and the floor plans we set our hearts on number 7. So we decided, so not to miss them whilst away in Disney, to pay to reserve number 7, WITHOUT going inside! I know crazy.  Then it got seriously tense... We were not allowed to reserve one, before we had the Memorandum of sale (basically a piece of paper confirming) for the sale on our property! Our buyer needed to submit more things to the solicitor and we were told the earliest it would be issued would be Wednesday the following week.  We needed to reserve our house by Thursday am or risk loosing it to another buyer. SQUEAKY BUM TIME. 

So we spent the weekend and first half of our Disney trip seriously on edge.  Then Wednesday afternoon, our estate agent called.  The Memorandum of sale was done and had been issued.  So we rang and like two excited puppies paid to reserve our home.  £500 is a lot of money we wouldn't have got back if we decided we didn't like it, so thank the lord we absofrickinlutely love it on the inside too! 

I am going to be putting up a vlog of our first viewing on Saturday so keep your eyes peeled! 

I know that was totally long winded, but I really wanted to record this part of the journey.  We still have a little way to go.  I am hoping we will exchange contracts soon and we can really relax.  I am still scared that something will go wrong and am nervous to let myself really believe that this home will be ours.  Waiting for the solicitors to do their thing is SCARY. If I thought buying was scary, selling and buying simultaneously is by far alot worse! Any how, I pretty much share my whole life on social media and was finding it pretty hard to keep this in.  So I am embracing this nerve wracking journey and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I will be sharing our 'family in front of our new front door with cheesy grins' photo VERY soon. The estimated move date we've been given is rather close so it is time to get organising and Pinteresting! I cant wait to take you on this journey with us, turning our three bed new build into a cosy, loved, family home. 


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