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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Ottilie's three month update

Wow, it feels like yesterday since I wrote Freddie's 4 month update, which was one of my first posts.  I had of course planned to document Ottilie's development etc from birth, but I am sure if you follow my Instagram page you will know all about our little darling's first 3 months. 

I am going to try and keep it brief and give a little summary of how she is doing, being a second baby means there's no list of baby groups or baby swimming to update you on as there was with Freddie, haha.  Her main activities include, being put in and out her car seat, watching Freddie play football and being put in her bouncer about 100 times a day, honestly second. baby. problems. 

Ottilie now weighs about 13lbs, she is still just below the 25th centile, although I doubt this has anything to do with being born early as F was totally the same and only reached above the 25th centile after he was 2 years old.  She is a real dinky donut, with very petit features.  her hair is falling out now and a new auburn fluff is growing back in! She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes, although outfits in 0-3 months are still far to big, but she does have a few 3-6 month things that fit! kids clothing sizes are crazy!

I will definitely be popping another post up all about our breast feeding journey, as it really has been quite a journey.  To me, breastfeeding is a constant rollercoaster of "it's going well"... "oh no, maybe it isn't"... "am I under feeding her, is she hungry"... "am I starving my baby"... "am I feeding her too much"... "I love breastfeeding".... "I loathe breastfeeding"... and then basically repeat 100 times.  In all honesty I adore breastfeeding.  It is repairing the sadness and anger I feel that I was unable to breastfeed F.  Even on the hardest days, I know I wont give up. I am setting myself small goals to reach.  and now I know I am so close to the six month mark, I will keep going and then re-evaluate.  Although, I would love to feed her until she reaches a year old and then I know I would feel satisfied, she is my last baby and I don't want to regret any decisions I make on a bad day.  She is feeding well, but is a total boob monster, if it was up to Ott's she would just hang of my nip all day!  I try to express a feeds worth everyday to give her when I want to go out, otherwise it takes so long to get out stopping every 15 minutes to feed, we never get anywhere.  she is starting to go longer periods in between and everyone tells me it is totally normal, so fingers crossed the intensity eases more over the next few weeks.  I am really lucky that she takes a bottle well too, so if I need a break I can have one.  I am also happy for MR P to give her a formula, mainly when I am feeling like I can't do it anymore and that gives me the space I need to re-evaluate and get back on track, if that makes sense? She is growing well with lots of wet nappies so I must be doing something right. 


Following on from feeding, her feeding routine goes something like - 6/7am feed, 10-11 feed, 12pm feed, then I usually get a good 3 hour break, which might just be down to that she is usually in her pram or in the car for these periods and falls asleep. then has a mid afternoon feed and from about 5pm enters her fussy period. This is as fun as it sounds, she basically feeds and wriggles for a good few hours, it's broken up with a kick on her play mat or a bath, but she pretty much just wants to be on or near the boob all evening. However I cannot complain because at about 10pm, she goes to sleep and then sleeps until the morning.  IT is some kind of miracle.  If you have followed me for a while you will know Freddie is the most awful sleeper, yet here I am with a baby that has been sleeping through since about 8 weeks! I know, I know it's ok to hate me, but I deserved a baby that sleeps, I have paid my dues haha.  After her 6am feed she usually goes back to sleep until around 9ish, although it depends what her brother is up too as his favourite thing to do is wake her up.  I don't believe in trying to routine a baby at all, and I am being solely led by her, we feed on demand and done force naps etc and will not be doing any kind of sleep training if she stops sleeping so well.  I really believe just relaxing and following your baby's lead, you will naturally find your own routine.  And of course being a second baby means she has to slot around Freddie so her routine generally fits with our usual daily routine anyway.  I've said routine a lot for someone who doesn't use routines haha!
Ottilie's Favourite things:
Ottie is really starting to become her own little person now, and we can start to see who she might be.  Her favourite thing by a mile is to watch her brother.  Her little face lights up when she sees Freddie and she cranes her neck to look for him when she hears his voice.  She adores her bouncy chair (just as well haha) and loves this little orange monkey that hangs from it.  She loves to lay in her cot and look at the twinkly lights and she loves to be snuggled up in really soft blankets and rocked slowly.  She gives her daddy the biggest smiles when he comes home from work but is a total mummy's girl.  She rarely is happy to cuddle anyone else, and is usually looking for mummy (I mean its not me its the boobs) after about 10 minutes with someone else ( ok 5, maybe 2, sorry everyone!) She has already had a super busy three months, she has been to the New Forest, Ferry to the Isle of Wight.  She has been pumpkin picking and to the farm.  And not forgetting countless park trips, lunch trips and meals out! She is starting to show an interest in her bunny from Freddie too, which is just heart melting. 
This week I have seen a huge leap in her development.  She was born 4 weeks early so her corrected age today at 15 weeks old is 11 weeks old and I would say in terms of development that is about right.  She can now see further and is spotting me from afar, or can obviously see Freddie from the other side of the room.  She is reacting to people talking to her from a distance and not just if they are right in front of her.  She is cooing more every day, and is on the edge of a proper belly laugh I think.  She has the biggest gummy smile and when she smiles her arms and legs jerk in sheer delight, it is super cute.  Her head control is still slightly behind, she hates tummy time too which doesn't help, but I know she will get there in the end.  She is finally a lot more awake in the day, she has been super sleepy for most of her life, which is down to her being a 36-weeker.  I used to worry about how sleepy she was, and I wish already that I had just enjoyed and appreciated it more because now she gets a little strop on if she wants entertaining.  She is always craning her neck to see what is going on, little nosy parker. 
I cannot believe our little Ottilie Iris is three months old.  I just can't quite believe it.  I feel so sad that our newborn bubble is long gone and already wish I could go back and relive those early weeks.  You have completed our family Ottilie.  You made my heart grow in a way I could never imagine.  The love we feel for you is immeasurable.  You bring sunshine and happiness to our lives.  And along with your brother, I feel like the luckiest mummy alive.  Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy, my darling baby girl.  


Not crying.  definitely not crying.  nope.


  1. I am lucky for you, that you you have the chance to experience breastfeeding. I hope you can enjoy every day even if it is difficult. My body decided never to produce milk, so I had no choice but to feed formula. I chose to feed organic formula from My girl liked it very much but until today I wonder how it feels to breastfeed.


  2. These cute pics!! You have a lovely family :)
    I had the same situation, at baby 1 I wasn't able to breastfeed. It just didn't work out :/ I also felt depressed and sad. So I fed organic formula from Hipp. It was really good, I'd definitely feed it to my second child now, if she needs it one day. BUT - this time breastfeeding works!! I don't know what's different from the first time - I just tried to breastfeed and it suddenly worked. I was nearly SHOCKED :'D Best wishes to your family! I hope we both make out our breastfeeding goals!

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