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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Thoughts and feelings on the gender of baby #2

So in case you haven't heard...

And we cannot believe it!

When the Sonographer said "this looks like a little girl to me", I didn't get that oh my god feeling of shock, because I knew I was carrying a girl.  I could just feel it.  This pregnancy has felt very different right from day one.  I think it is still a shock to actually have it confirmed though!

We have now had 4 weeks to soak up the news, and I feel like we have been in a little bubble! I can't explain the excitement from our friends and family! People seem to get even more excited when you are having one of each!

I have to be honest, in the first week or so, I didn't share the excitement.  Of course I was excited to have a healthy baby and I really cannot wait to grow our little family, but I was just completely overwhelmed at the thought of having a girl.  From the moment the Sonographer said Fred was a boy, I just imagined myself with two boys.  over the last two years, I have learnt how to be a mum, a boy mum.  I have imagined myself with teenage sons and the challenges that will face, but girls?! I am not going to lie, I was really quite scare.  I think my sentiments when we got back into the car after a scan were "Shit a brick, a girl".  When I think back to me as a teenager, I shudder. I am incredibly close to my mum, we are best friends but it's been a journey, mum and daughter relationships are incredible, but they definitely come with trials and challenges.

Raising a girl brings a whole new range of challenges and am I really equipped for raising a girl in the 21st century.  Body image, the teenage years, raising a girl who knows her worth, who stands up for her gender equality etc, I know this might seem a bit much, and of course all of these things come for boys too, but I had my head around that.  As a girl, teenager and young women, I have always been 'on a diet' always criticizing myself, always doubted myself, but I am hoping my own story helps me shape our daughter to be strong and comfortable in her own skin.  I don't want my daughter to ever wonder if she is beautiful or if she could be Prime Minister.

4 weeks down the line and I am now so excited to have a girl, our girl.  Freddie is besides himself for his sister and tells everyone he is getting a "baby girl", she is a lucky lucky girl to have Freddie as her big brother.  Chris is so thrilled to be having a daughter and it has been beautiful to see, the smile on his face when we found out will always stay with me.  I mean he has said, and I quote, "I need to get back into kickboxing so I can scare her future boyfriends" but having never really had a traditional father daughter relationship, I know she is going to be one lucky lucky little girl.

Anyway, my girl, we can't wait to meet you, the perfect final piece of the puzzle.  The cherry on top of our little family.  I am so excited to have a daughter, I cant wait to pick out gorgeous outfits for you, and I cant wait to argue with you about how your school skirt is way to short.  I am not saying I will always get it right, but I will do my best.

Bring on the floral prints!


  1. Have a healthy and happy pregnancy, all the best ;)

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