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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bump Diaries - 26 Weeks Pregnant

Right, I know every person who writes a pregnancy update says this every single time, but I cannot believe I am 26 weeks pregnant! 26 Weeks!! The first trimester was so long but this one is just flying by! I am only 4 weeks from 30 weeks, and only 12 weeks until my week of delivery! How can this be possible.  I haven't written an update since 20 weeks, I had been doing them every two weeks but I honestly do not know where the last 6 weeks have gone!

They have been pretty plain sailing to be honest.  Is it weird that that makes me anxious.  Everything seems to be going fairly smoothly *touches wood*. I haven't got a huge amount to update on but here is a run down of how I am at 26 weeks!

Tiredness and achyness! I am cream crackered.  I am starting to really feel the effects of having a bump and chasing after a toddler.  I really don't want to have to say mummy can't do this or mummy can't do that, so I am trying to keep up with him, but after getting wedged at the top of soft play and thinking I was literally going to die up there (I mean could there be a worse place to cop it than soft play hell) I think I need to slow down a bit.  I have also been SO breathless.  I just feel so uncomfortable! Oh and my boobs are getting humungus and i'm already needing the occasional breast pad, I was totally freaked out to see I already had some *ahem* leakage, but here's hoping its a good sign for a positive breast feeding journey!

I want to eat CARBS. CAKE. BURGERS. But I am reaaaally testing my willpower and resisting.  so far I have only put on 6lbs, which considering I had lost almost 10lbs during the first trimester, means I am still not gaining huge amounts.  I am really working hard at eating a healthy balanced diet to keep baby nie and healthy and not give in to the urges to gorge on carbs and sugar.  I am still craving fruit, mainly apples and am known to eat about 5 a day haha.

My diabetes is being a bitch to put it bluntly.  My insulin needs have sky rocketed and I have well and truly hit the stage of being insulin resistant.  It is causing me a great deal of anxiety not being able to always get my sugars where I want them, it is so frustrating when I am working so hard, but it really isn't easy.  I have seen the diabetic pregnancy team again this week and we have made more changes to my pump which will hopefully make a difference.  Just another incentive to stay away from the carbs!

Scans, Shopping and Stretch Marks:
We had our 25 week growth scan last week.  I will now be having scans every 4 weeks from 20 weeks to measure babies growth.  It was such a lovely scan and the midwife was really congratulatory of how well I am looking after this baby, she said there are no signs of baby being affected by my diabetes yet, which is such a huge relief.  Her measurements were all bang on average and slightly under.  With diabetes it is the abdominal measurement they keep a close eye on and it was perfect so I was thrilled! However, she was breech! which explains the very uncomfortable breathlessness.  I know there is loads of time or her to turn but Fred was the same, breech from 20 weeks all the way until the end.  I can feel she is still breech, all her kicks are right in my nether regions just like F.  I really hope she turns but the midwife did say it could be a coincidence or that maybe there is a reason my babies are breech like the shape of my pelvis. 

I have been doing a lot of baby shopping this week, we dont actually need much and I want to keep the baby buying as minimilistic as possible. But I've made a start on vests and babygrows, absolutely in love with the bits we got in next, they do the best sleepsuits! Also picked up a few tiny hats, and a beautiful floral one from Jojo Maman Bebe. I made some of the bigger purchases too including the cot, Caboo Close wrap and a gorgeous Joie Baby rocker. There isn't too much else we need, but I will sit down soon and wrote some lists! It's funny even though I had Freddie only two years ago, I really can't remember what I need! Family and friends have already been giving us gorgeous things for baby girl, people just love to buy for babies don't they! 

I seem to suddenly have a few stretch marks creeping in, I didn't get any until the last week with Fred, and I'm not sure if I'm getting new ones or the old ones are reappearing, I'm trying to moisturise and cream as much as possible but I know there's not much I can do really, and to be honest, they don't bother me that much. 

It's not been a very exciting update, I can't believe this is my last post before the third trimester! The weeks are really flying. I can't decide if i want time to speed up or slow down though, knowing this is most probably our last baby, makes me feel so different about the whole experience. But that's for another post. 

Thanks for reading, as always xx 


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