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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wedding Series - The Perfect Page Boy

I think this is going to be my absolute favourite Wedding post so far.  I think I was more excited for our guests to see Freddie's outfit than them seeing my dress! So here is a little post about our perfect page boy.

A few hours after I arrived at the venue, Freddie arrived with my mum.  The door opened and in he run and I was so so overcome with emotion, he ran to me and put his little podgy arms around my neck and said "hello mummy, its wedding".  I was so emotional seeing my baby boy, it really set the crying off! Knowing I was marrying his daddy, having him with me while I got ready felt so special.


 He was loving all the attention too, asking for 'sossecco' that's prosecco, and following the photographer round!

I chose Freddies outfit in Spring from good old Marks & Spencer's, I had originally planned on getting him a suit to match the men, but when I saw this little three piece I literally could not resist, and although different to the mens suits and different colour to the bridesmaids, he tied in perfectly and really fitted the relaxed summer theme.  It was in the sale which was great because I had to buy two, not knowing what size he would need on the day, it's just as well really as he wore a combination of both!

I had planned on him wearing his white leather converse shoes, as comfort is important for a 20 month old, but I found some gorgeous blue brogues in the sale in H&M and fell in love, luckily Fred fell in love with them too and literally wanted to wear them all the time! so funny, he spent the weeks leading up to the wedding strutting around the house in them, shouting about his new shoes!

While we were in the throws of getting ready my bridesmaid Amy took him over to the boys so he could see Daddy, he was so excited but so confused it was quite funny.  He had a great time in with the boys, and wanted to cuddle his daddy.  I think he really picked up on all the anticipation bless him.

Once we were all ready, we made our way down the stairway to the ceremony.  When I saw him at the bottom all suited and booted waiting for mummy my heart literally exploded. I think thats when all the crying really started.  He looked so handsome and smart. I was absolutely thrilled with his whole outfit, he looked good enough to eat. *all the heart eye emojiis*

I cried even more as I watched him walk up the isle, I couldnt believe how good he was. I was so sure he wouldnt fancy it, it must have been so ovewhelming for such a tiny person, every one he has ever met in his whole little life, sitting watching him walk up.  He got so excited when he saw Mr P, and shouted "daddy", cue SO many sobs, Mr P said he started crying as soon as he saw him at the top of the stairs, I feel so lucky that he walked so beautifully leading our wedding ceremony.  I remember  clutching my chest with the sheer pride.  He carried his little "daddy hear comes mummy" sign so well bless him.

During the ceremony he helped the Best Man pass the rings, (it took a while) and he was very excited about the box haha.
 While the main ceremony was happening he was so good, he played quietly around us, and sat with various family members he was so excited to see. He joined us to sign the register too, although we still didnt manage a picture of us all looking at once!

He had such an amazing time at the wedding. He loved playing outside with all his cousins, they were all so cute running around on the lawns together, and playing giant connect 4.  He had a nap during the speeches which 'have been more perfect timing, and he was ready to go for the disco, which he LOVED! he was dancing in his socks until almost midnight. Pretty impressive for a 20 month old!

There is a picture up of us in the living room, and he's always picking it up and saying "mummy and daddy get married", "mummy pretty dress", he really is a charmer. 

I know it's not traditional to have your child at your wedding, but becoming a family and not just man and wife, was unbelievably special and to us, it was perfect. I will never, ever forget the special memories we made as a family on the 12th August 2016.


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