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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bump Diaries - 20 Weeks pregnant

I cannot believe I am now officially past the halfway mark.  I am a little bit worried that this pregnancy will now start to fly by and as I am sure this will be my last baby, I want to savor every moment. 

It has been a fairly full on few weeks pregnancy wise.  Last week I ended up in the Pregnancy Triage Unit following a night of uncomfortable stomach pains. I saw my GP who was concerned as I had high blood pressure which is very unusual for me and 2++ of protein in my urine so I was sent urgently to hospital.  I was actually really scared, I had never had anything like either of this with either of my pregnancies so it came as a shock.  I felt so poorly too which made me worry even more.  luckily after a few hours at the hospital, my blood pressure was back to normal, my urine was almost clear and the tightening's stopped.  I had to have an internal examination, which luckily was all normal so after a few more hours I was discharged home with instructions to rest for a few days. 

Ive just realised I haven't taken my official 19 & 20 week bump photos with babies size! It has been such a crazy week, I totally forgot.  I have however got a few pictures of my growing belly. But baby is now the size of a Mango, weighs 10.58oz an is 26.7 in length from top of head to heel! 

Thankfully the sickness has pretty much stopped.  I am probably only gagging 3-4 times a week and actually being sick once or twice, which I can totally live with.  One of my most annoying symptoms now though, which has been going on for a few weeks now is pregnancy rhinitis.  I had never even heard of it, but I mentioned to my consultant that I feel like my nose is constantly swollen, my sinuses hurt and that I sneeze throughout the day and he told me pregnancy rhinitis is quite common and all down to increased blood flow. Who knew!  I have also been in a lot of pain in my pelvis area, I have been feeling like I would expect to feel at maybe 38 weeks, I didn't think too much of it, just tried to suck up the pain, until I ended up in tears to my midwife who diagnosed me with SPD, so I will be being referred for Physio and have been advised to use a pillow in bed, and wear a support belt.  It hasn't been as bad, as I am being more conscious about my posture and trying not to over do it.  But I left work on Thursday in tears after 6 hours of typing with my foot pedal, I was in absolute agony, but not sure there's much I can do about that for now.  Any tips on managing SPD would very helpful!

My cravings have died down now, and i'm not really craving anything in-particular. I do keep getting really hungry in general which is good after 20 weeks of no appetite, but I am mainly just eating three meals a day, and snacks of fruit.

My diabetes has been pretty good.  I have managed to calm the early morning hypos which makes life easier.  my sugar levels are still climbing slightly in the evening so I will probably alter my background insulin if it continues. But overall the hospital are really happy with how things are going.

We have had 3 scans this week! I will start with the disastrous 20 week scan drama.  We attended our 20 week scan at our local hospital, but baby was being quite awkward with their position, lying downwards towards my pelvis.  Unfortunately this wasn't helped by a Sonographer with quite frankly a shit attitude.  She called us in 40 minutes late, despite my appointment being a 9am one. After 10 minutes decided she'd had enough and said "baby was making a hard job even harder". 20 week scans are supposed to be 20 minutes long but she really just wanted us out.  I offered to go for a walk and have a drink to get baby moved and that we were happy to wait, she said ok, then looked at her watch and said "no just come back in 3 weeks".  It was awful, she was obviously running late (not our problem) and was extremely unprofessional.  Because of my diabetes it is very important my scan is done at 20 weeks and I have to have another at 24 weeks for growth anyway.  She wouldn't tell us if baby was ok from what she had been able to see and she ushered us out to make another appointment.  I burst into tears as soon as we left.  I knew my consultant would be furious but I just didn't have it in my to argue about not being seen until the end of March.  Luckily before we were even back to the car, Mr P said to call the medical imaging place where we had our early scan and book a 20 week scan there.  They were amazing on the phone, so kind and booked us in for 40 minutes time.  We went straight there and had the most amazing experience.  Seeing how anxious I was, they spent over an hour, checking baby in tiny detail, and we even got to see them in 3D, which was just incredible.  The sonographer looked at the report from our previous scan and was very concerned as the NHS sonographer had marked the measurements she had got as being so low they were off the chart, indicating their may be a problem, in particular babies head measurement was not even close to being on scale.  The measurements they had taken put baby perfectly on the smaller side of average, so it was a little bit shocking we were told to come back in three weeks if her measurements were showing something could be wrong.  The private sonographer then had me scanned by one of her senior colleagues who confirmed babies measurements were perfect.  Chris and I were grinning like Cheshire cats. I can't thank them enough, we paid £75 but for the service we received it really was value for money and I am so glad I haven't spent 3 weeks in a haze of worry and stress.  We also found out baby's Gender! You will have seen over on instagram, but I am doing another post all about our thoughts and feelings on the gender of our new addition.
 Yesterday we had our scan at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London. Because of my diabetes, I have a higher risk of baby having heart defects, so it is always an anxious wait.  The private clinic had looked in good detail at baby's heart so I wasn't as worried as when I went for Freddie's.  We attended the specialist Fetal Cardiac Screening Unit and after about 40 minutes got the fab news that baby has a perfect, healthy heart.  Happy happy days.

Definitely one of the most exciting things that's happened in the last few weeks is baby's movements.  I had just turned 19 weeks when movements suddenly got so much stronger! I popped my hand right along the bottom of my tummy and I could feel kicks from the outside! it was amazing.  Since then I have been feeling SO many movements throughout the day and can feel and see so many from the outside.  The doctor I saw on triage even felt some and did comment that it was pretty impressive at 19 weeks to be having movements like that. I had forgotten how amazing those kicks from the inside are.

I am  now going to relax for a few weeks before starting the baby preparation, and enjoy this gorgeous growing bump.

As always, thank you all so much for all the love and support over on Instagram this week.  I love sharing our journey with you all. Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are up too.  


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