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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bump diaries - 16 Weeks Pregnant

So Tuesday saw me turn 16 weeks pregnant! I always feel like 16 weeks is quite a milestone and I was definitely excited to reach that 4 month mark, especially as we are now so close to the half way mark. 
Since my last post things have been a lot better.  Mr P had a few days off of work over my birthday and we managed to make a start on our bedroom renovation that we have been planning for a few months.  It isn’t quite finished yet, but you can’t rush perfection as Mr P always says and it is going to be gorgeous when it is complete, we’ve got some lovely new low lighting that I am already imagining snuggled up under feeding baby in those early hours.  I am really excited about adding a little crib next to our bed!


Week 15 saw a little less sick, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for week 16! I was so sick on my birthday I didn’t even eat my own cake! Boo! A pregnant birthday is not an experience I wish to repeat haha.  I am still so nauseous in the morning; I have to work so hard to push through it to get out of the door with Fred, I have to breathe through gritted teeth to stop myself from being sick.  I have also been SO tired this week, like I feel as if I am back to those first few weeks with the extreme fatigue.  I should probably just get used to being tired for the next 18 years.  I have been getting a lot of uncomfortable stretching pains along my hips and my C-section scar has been quite sore, which my midwife told me is likely to get worse, oh joy.  My favourite symptom, as I had with Fred, is lovely hair growth, my hair gets lovely, long and thick when I’m pregnant, my nails also grow lovely and long and also so strong so I am enjoying giving myself lots of mani’s.  Unfortunately though, the hairy tummy is back, pregnancy is so bizarre! I have also had a few headaches and one horrific migraine, I was hospitalised with a migraine in my last pregnancy so I kind of knew it might be coming, it was so awful luckily not as awful as last time, and I hope they don't continue! 

I am still pretty much off carby foods, although I have been managing to eat more main meals at dinner time instead of just salads.  I am forcing myself to eat more protein too, mainly just in chicken.  My main cravings are still fruit mainly satsumas which really help settle my nausea, and a new one this week is cheese and crackers, although I haven’t actually had any because the craving for them comes at night, and nothing is getting me out of bed.  I have given in to the craving of a McDonald’s cheeseburger a couple of times, which completely repulses me after.  But mainly I am still living on a diet of salad and fruits. 

I am totally relying on my new hydr8 m8 to keep me hydrated and it has actually improved my


Touch wood but things are going so well in this department.  My average blood glucose is 6.6 which could do with being ever so slightly lower and I would be really happy with it being around 5.5-6. I have been having a lot of hypos in the early hours of the morning and am generally waking with a reading around 2-3 at around 7, so I am starting every day with 100mls of Lucozade.  I have lowered my insulin rates for these times but nothing seems to make a difference to them.  I am still having higher readings mid afternoon but only in the 7-8 region, which is not too bad.  If I was not pregnant those readings of 7 would be pretty perfect but while I’m pregnant the lower the better and the ideal is for my glucose readings to be sitting around the 5 mark.  It has been a dramatic improvement in just one week so I am sure another week and they will be even better.  Well until pregnancy hormones set them off again! It really is a constant balancing act.  I also got a new insulin pump that should help me keep tighter control with all the new added features it has.


Baby rolls, gender decision and maternity clothes:
15 weeks brought those first magical baby rolls, I’m not getting them every day, but some evenings they are really strong, not so much kicks yet, just little rolls and the familiar popping sensation I had the last time.  I can’t wait to have the strong kicks from the outside so the boys can bond with the baby too.

Before I was pregnant we always said we didn’t want to find out the gender the next time around, and when I was first pregnant we were sticking to our team yellow decision.  However at the 12 week scan we got a little clue about the gender, and something the sonographer said made us think she knew that our guess was right and it’s left us absolutely desperate to know.  I am convinced I know what we are having and I just don’t think I can wait.  Once I am past 20 weeks I will be having regular scans so there will be a lot of temptation to find out and I have no willpower.  As much as I adore the idea of team yellow, we will be finding out the gender at our 20 week scan. 

My bump is so different this time around; with Freddie I had a very high, very distinctive bump from really early on. This time though my bump almost seems like a spare tyre. I took F swimming and felt so uncomfy in my costume, I didn’t really look pregnant I just look like I have a weird randomly placed podgy pot belly.  I ordered a big maternity haul from Asos and nothing looked right at all, I had no bump to fill any of the tops or dresses, just this weird low down bump, I did keep the maternity jeans because my others were getting pretty uncomfy but they look a bit odd, so I am sticking with my big baggy jumpers until I have a distinct bump! I tend to take my bump photos on the morning I have work as I can show a little bump in my dresses if I use my hands to point it out!

I have some other pregnancy and new baby related posts to go up soon, so I will probably next do an update after our 20 week scan, and of course a gender reveal, eeek!! 


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