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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bump Diaries - First Trimester update, sickness, apples & diabetes

I still can't believe our pregnancy is public knowledge! It was SO exciting sharing our little reveal picture and we have received the most lovely messages from so many people, as always we have been so overwhelmed by all the love and support, this little bean is so super lucky.  When I had my 12 week scan, they decided I wasn't quite 12 weeks but couldn't be sure quite what the dates were, so I am going back on Thursday 19th, but it really is only a matter of days difference.

This pregnancy has been so different from my last.  I feel so well, on the whole.  I have suffered with various symptoms through various weeks but I had been hospitalised twice before 12 weeks with my first so although I have been suffering with sickness etc it has been a breeze in comparison. I have been keeping a diary so I will fill you in week by week!

5 Weeks 
We had only found out a few days earlier and at this point my symptoms were so subtle, I think my main symptoms were crazy sense of smell which is only just dying down now at 12ish weeks and my blood sugars being up and down, which I think is caused by the hormones.  Obviously it is very important to keep my blood sugars low and controlled, but sometimes the body has other ideas. Other symptoms were mainly tummy cramps, feeling hungry and tired  in the evenings.  The most bizarre symptom was waking early in the morning with buckets of energy! oh if only it had lasted!

6 Weeks 
I always feel like 6 weeks is quite a milestone.  This is when we told a couple of people close to us. Week six also saw the start of having to attend to bi-weekly Diabetes Antenatal Clinic at the hospital. This involves going to the hospital every other Tuesday for a few hours where I see the diabetes specialist nurse to look closely at my blood sugar readings, insulin needs etc, then I see the diabetes specialist midwife, then sometimes I will also have to see the high-risk obstetric consultant.  I am definitely going to do a separate post all about this for other diabetic mama's out there.  This week my symptoms were sore boobs (OMG so sore!) and just feeling really bloated and uncomfortable in myself, it sounds crazy but I just felt like I didn't recognise myself in the mirror and I can't really explain why! anyone else feel like this?! I suffered with two horrendous migraines and the gagging and nausea started. As with my first pregnancy I had a little hard bump very early on, which got bigger and smaller over a few weeks with the bloating but the monographer said I have a uterus that tilts forward and is quite high which explains it!

7 Weeks
By week 7, the tiredness was so extreme, the moment Chris was through the door from work and he had taken over with Fred, I would go to be and literally be out for the count.  I remember feeling tired with F, but nothing like this, it was horrible how out of control it made me feel, I literally could not stay awake past 7pm. The sickness started to get a little bit worse and my boobs got HUGE. Diabetes wise this is when my insulin need started to increase, so I started needing more insulin per grams of carbohydrate, your body becomes more insulin resistant when pregnant so it is a constant battle to get it right.

8 Weeks 
Week 8 the tiredness was just as bloody hideous and the sickness got worse still, although more gagging and wrenching than actually being sick, although sometimes I think this was worse! I felt really swollen still and was completely off food and drink, having to make Freddie's breakfast etc was like torture! I was hardly eating anything,just nibbling when I could bare it, I am taking lots of vitamins so I wasn't too worried.

The best bit of week 8 was that we had our first scan and saw our little bean with their little heart beating away.  It was so emotional and Freddie said the baby looked like a cheese puff!! haha.

Week 9 
CHRISTMAS!! we surprised all our close family on christmas day with cards announcing our pregnancy.  it was AMAZING and I caught some on video! It was a complete shock to everyone, I think because when I was pregnant with Fred I was so unwell in and out of hospital from 6 weeks so they all knew from really early on. It was a very special Christmas day. Apart from the fact I couldn't drink prosecco, and all the food made me puke hahah.  Not sure I wold recommend being pregnant at christmas! This week brought a delightful new symptoms of insomnia, and then when I finally did fall asleep the vivid pregnancy dreams would start.  I had some weiiiird dreams!! The tiredness eased (thank god!) I also felt SO achy, like my whole body hurt, and I could start to feel my stomach muscles stretching, I just felt so uncomfortable.

Week 10
 About half way through week ten I had awful heart palpitations it was awful, I fainted at work and felt horrendous, I then went down with an awful cold/flu so I wonder if that had something to do with it.  I had been so off my food but my cravings started to kick in. I literally cannot stop eating green granny smith apples.  which is so weird because when I was pregnant with F I craved Pink lady apples.  What is even weirder still is that I am actually really allergic to apples, give me swollen lips, tongue, a rash, but when I am pregnant my allergies go away!! With my diabetes this week I have had a massive increase in hypos, (low blood sugars symptoms of which are blood sugar reading below 4, shaking, feeling weak, blurry vision, feeling sick, sweating amongst other things) so that has been pretty horrid, I use lucozade to correct them.  I remember this with my first pregnancy, and it only got worse as the weeks went on until baby was here.

Week 11 - 12
So I thought I was 12 weeks on Saturday, and i had my 12 scan booked the Thursday before so 11+5 but they think I was actually 11+2, so I am to return on Thursday for another scan as apparently the 3 5 days makes a big difference to do all final checks, but the monographer was confident that baby was fine and healthy and its just to confirm the due date.  I will fill you in on Thursday with what happens! It was SO excited to see baby, looking like a proper baby this time, we were grinning like cheshire cats and felt so relieved, being a high risk pregnancy brings a lot of anxiety so every milestone feels like a mountain.  This week my sickness has been horrendous! I literally can't stop and its morning noon and night.  Even Fred has started making fake sick noises and says "mummy goes bleaugh" haha.


So thats the first 11/12 weeks for you! Not very exciting I know but I wanted to get it all documented and I was excited to share some of the photos I have taken! I want to cherish every moment, pregnancy is so precious and we feel so blessed.  The final piece to our family jigsaw.


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