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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wedding Series - The Bridesmaids

I know, I know it has been like three months since the wedding, but I have had lots of posts written and ready to complete my wedding series, that I didn't want to post until we had our wedding pictures back! Our photographer did not disappoint, his photos are better than I could have imagined so it is worth the wait I promise.

I had 4 beautiful bridesmaids, My sister, my friend Lauren who I have known since secondary school,  and Amy and Jade who are the finances of two of mine and Chris's friends and who have turned out to be two of my favourite girls of all time.  I really think I had the best bridesmaid tribe, they absolutely excelled at the Hen Do's, and treated me like a princess, I honestly could to be more grateful the love and friendship they showed me over those crazy months.

The Gifts...

As soon as we arrived at Salomons the girls couldn't wait to give me their gifts, and I was absolutely blown away. I sobbed... and sobbed... and sobbed.. and sobbed some more.  Not only did they buy me a beautiful bracelet engraved with mine and Chris' name, but Jade made some beautiful personalised bridesmaid glasses and then they gave me an incredible book, with all the memories from my hen do, not only was it filled with all the photos but they had got messages from everyone who came to my Hens, the first one was from my my mum.  I read it and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed... you get the picture, there was a lot of sobbing going on.  My girls done good and I am still overwhelmed by all they did for me, so girls if you're reading this, I bloody love you.

I spent months trawling the internet for the perfect gift for my girls, there were lots of typical bridesmaid gifts, which were all lovely but I really wanted something extra special and something that they could use and keep and not just get forgotten in a draw.  I eventually found and fell in love with these gorgeous leather bags for them, in deep navy, and gold trim.  They also came engraved with their initials, and were just so simple and stunning and the girls loved them.  I knew they would be able to use them on the day which was lovely too, and I have seen them all using their bags lots which is lovely, kinda wish I had one too haha!

The dresses...

I picked out their dresses over a year before the wedding, possibly before I even had a venue, but I saw them on Asos and in the sale and fell in love!  The girls all looked incredible in them.  In the gorgeous sunshine and against the blue suits they looked stunning.  So many people have commented what a gorgeous alternative they were to normal bridesmaid dresses,  I just loved them. such a shame Oasis have discontinued them! They wore there hair up with some gyp tucked in and all wore white/pale pink heeled candles with natural make up.  I was so emotional when I saw them all ready, they looked beautiful.

I was so nervous before the ceremony and they really kept me together, I think we all hugged like a million times. They all cried so much through the ceremony, all I could hear while we were saying our vows was them sniffing, was so funny, all the guests have commented on the bridesmaids crying.  it really was so emotional. We all had so much fun together, sleepover the night before all crammed on two air beds,  getting the cake in the morning, the excitement of getting ready was definitely one of my favourite bits of the whole day! we were like squealing school girls.  We nearly knocked our selves out peaking at the boys arriving then when they looked up we bundled onto the floor smacking our heads together, it was so funny.

I couldn't have wished for better bridesmaids, or friends.  although that being said, you know how your bridesmaids are supposed to help you pee? did mine? well they attempted too but they were bloody useless and they ended up in a heap on the toilet floor, hysterically laughing at me, and I almost definitely did get wee on me hahaha.  even just thinking about it has me crying with laughter.  these stories are the best stories, weddings aren't about the fancy flowers or the lovely decor, its about the little moments.  the moment your pregnant bridesmaid is rolling on the toilet floor laughing at your.

Love you girls.

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  1. Man, what a crazy story. I'll probably share this with some of my friends. Thanks again for posting it.


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