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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Freddie at Two Years Old

I haven't posted in a while,  life has been pretty shit as those close to us will know, I have a back log of posts that I have written that I hope to share once I start feeling a bit more positive.  However, a week today our little human turns 2, so I couldn't not write an update on our gorgeous little man.  I will probably write a soppy post on his birthday, so here is just a nice little summery of what Freddie William is up to at almost 2 years old.

Freddie has turned into a real little boy over the last few weeks, but there are still glimpses of my baby there.  It isn't always easy but I am trying so hard to cherish every moment with him,  I adore how fiercely independent he is becoming but it makes me realise we are well and truly out of the baby phase now.  He is still super cuddly though and is becoming more of a mummy boy, although he still worships his daddy.  he loves his family so much as loves to list his "famawy" which is super cute.  he loves all his extended aunties and uncles too, and talks about them all the time.  So proud of what a loving little boy he has become.

Freddie is now 11kg - Finally! He is back up to the 25th centile, still so diddy bless him but you can tell he is now starting to fill out a bit.  Clothes are still a bit of a nightmare, he is still in some 9-12, some 12-18 and some 18-24. Drives me crazy! He is so diddy around his waist but does have quite long legs.  Today his shoes suddenly seem to be a bit tighter - I can't complain though, he has been the same size shoes since September 2015! so his shoe collection is pretty impressive!

He eats fairly well.  We are still in the 'beige' phase,  So I am having to be creative with his food.  We had a breakthrough and he will now eat sweetcorn and peas but still nothing 'wet'.  He does love his fruit, and is getting more and more adventurous at trying new things. He always has porridge with honey or Weetabix for breakfast and loves cheese sandwiches.  His eating does get me down a little bit but I try not to let it, I know its a phase and definitely more behavioural than 'fussy'. The consultant he saw recently to see if he has the same nut allergy as me (he doesn't woohoo) said he looked very healthy and I shouldn't worry.  I do give him vitamins and he still drinks plenty of milk.  I do not believe in the 'he will eat it if he is hungry' approach so I am just serving things I know he likes with one new thing a day.  Amazing how incredible he was at weaning, cold pureed broccoli was his favourite, followed by Jamaican curried pork and yet here we 2 years down the line with a toddler saying cucumber is yucky.

I want to do a separate post on sleeping, but he is now finally sleeping at least 8 hours every night and sometimes as long as 13 hours and probably 5 nights out of 7 he wakes once.  He goes down really happily at 7, He asks to go to bed and asks us to leave "bye mama shut door".  When/if he wakes he comes in with us, we don't mind we just want sleep and have never seen an issue with it, co-sleeping is something we hugely support (keep eyes peeled for another post).  Just a few months ago he was still waking several times every night so I am pretty happy with how things are currently.  Luckily he isn't an early riser either, usually wanting to get up for breakfast between 8 and 9.  He also has a 2 hour nap if we are at home, but just grabs zzz' in the car if we are out.

His talking is my favourite thing, it would be easier to write the things he can't say!  He blows me away with his speech, he is talking to us in 3 word sentences and will attempt to copy any word he hears (including bollocks... oops) he has started saying "luff ooo" which is my favourite, and he loves to tell people his whole name.  His pronunciation has come on a lot in the last few weeks too.  He can count to 8, and from 5 to 1 backwards too.  He has gotten so good at following instructions, which is also flipping useful when I want him to get me something, I won't have long before he doesn't think it is fun, so I am making the most of it haha! One of the funniest things he does is shout for me calling me 'Madge' which is Mr P's nickname for me, or he will wake me up by stroking my face and whispering babe in my hear, which i find hysterical. He says please and thank you and pardon me which is so funny, and if you don't say pardon me he gives you a very stern look.  He also says 'your welcome' if you say thank you too him, he is like a little old man!

Freddie Loves...

  • Disney films - his current favourite is Jungle Book and he is obsessed with the Elephant scene, he spends ages every day marching up and down shouting "elephants marching singing" and always exclaims "baby elephant".  As we get towards tea time he loves to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa and watch his favourite films, He will watch a whole film too, so I make the most of it!
  • He still loves playing cars, trains, buses, airports and farms.  He is getting really into his imaginative play now and talks for them, and gives his animals "Mulk" and "ninner".
  • He asks to the park every day, he is never happier when he is running outdoors, we spend the majority of our time outdoors, roaming fields, woods and parks.  So when we are home I don't feel guilty about indulging in some sofa sitting and disney film watching.
  • He loves painting and learning how to do new things, he can be so wild but also a thinker like his dad, he is very capable with his hands, and enjoys making things, gluing things and generally getting crafty. 
  • He is dinosaur mad at the moment too which is super cute, he has started playing little made up dinosaur games inspired by 'Andy's dinosaur adventures' and he says things like uh oh mummy a t-rex... and pretends to run with dinosaurs. I have been really impressed with his imagination, he makes up little scenarios with his people and makes them talk to each other, its so flipping cute.
  • He absolutely LOVES to sing, which he gets from me.  and honestly it just makes my heart swell with so much pride, he sings let it go and knows most of the words now but is usually too eager and ahead of the music haha.  he really goes for it when we are in the car and can be herd belting out his fave songs over the sound of the radio.  It makes me so excited to see where his interests and talents lie as he gets older. 

Don't get me wrong he can be super hard work, of course, like any toddler, he trashes the house, he won't pose nicely for photos much anymore and would rather mush his food into the floor than eat it, which drives me crackers but we still feel so blessed.  We have entered the terrible 2 tantrums but I am coping quite well actually, I just really don't let it bother me, people stare in Asda when he was lying on the floor screaming over wanting to buy chocolate at the till (seriously why do supermarkets do that!!!) but let them stare, I really don't care, I know I am a good mum, I know he is just being two, and i'll never see them again anyway haha.  Although he can throw a killer tantrum 95% of the time he is my happy little frog, he doesn't winge or whine, which I find a blessing but when he goes he goes, but it stops as quick as it starts and we move on.  The Last year has gone so quickly,we have experienced so much together, explored new places, been on so many exciting family adventures, and we have all changed so much, we have grown together, and grown as a family.

I can't believe this time two years ago I was preparing for his imminent arrival.  What a wonderful whirlwind it has been.  

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