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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Letter to Freddie on his Second Birthday

Dear Frog,

I wanted to write you a little letter on the day you turn two whole years old. I hope one day you might read this and know just how loved you are.

I still can't believe you are two.  Daddy and I have just been watching some videos from your first birthday,  you look so tiny!  Over the last 12 months you have turned from a baby to a boy, You are now walking and running and learning new things everyday.  You are the happiest, brightest little button.  You are stubborn and know your own mind too which I love.  But you can also be shy and unsure and need encouraging, but once you get your confidence there is no stopping you. I have no doubt you will do amazing things with your life my boy.

 We are in centre parks at the moment with Daddy, Grandad, Ninny, Uncle Adam, Auntie Emma, Auntie Donna and 'Beban'.  You are so excited to be on holiday and are in your absolute element spending all day exploring the great outdoors.  You particularly love the singing reindeer and have learnt all their names.  Today you are off to football camp then we are going to the pancake house for lunch which I know you will love as you have a bit of a sweet tooth like your Daddy.

You are the luckiest little boy on earth to have the most incredible family who just adore you.  So many grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Cousins who all love the bones of you, who not only spoiled you rotten for your birthday with the kindest, most thoughtful gifts, but are most importantly always there for you, and always will be.  You really are so, so loved, by so, so many. Your love of life and happy smile is contagious.  You really are a joy to be around.

The last two years have been a rollercoaster, we have been through a lot together and although life isn't easy at the moment but your happy little face gets us all through, and your smile always makes grandad feel better.

The three of us really are the three musketeers, We spend all our time together and even though daddy has to go to work lots, you love your special 'boy time' and cuddles with daddy in bed in the mornings.  You still sleep with us at some point most nights which we love, you love to nestle into our backs and you love to stroke mummy's skin or daddy arm while you dream.  We have so much fun don't we? Playing at home, going to the park, running through the woods, visiting our friends and family and snuggling up to watch disney films.  Not only are you my son, but you are my best friend too.

When you were in my tummy I always wondered what you would look like, but now you are here, growing every day, it seems obvious what you would have looked like.  You may only be two years old but I feel like I have known you forever, you look so familiar like I might have seen you in my dreams in years gone by.  I suppose you are part of me, we are the same you and me.

Daddy and I often lie in bed, with you asleep between us and daddy always says to me "how did we get this lucky".  And he is right. I feel blessed every day to have you in our lives. You make us so unbelievably happy and proud, every time you do something cute or learn something new, or say new phrase my heart swells like it could burst out of my chest.

I remember when they placed you on my chest, seconds after you were born, I was overwhelmed with love for you, I loved you so so much it hurt.  I didn't think I could love you any more than I did right then, but you give me new reasons to love you every day.

Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making daddy a daddy and me a mummy.  It isn't always easy, we are all learning so much along the way.

Happy Birthday my darling.  I hope you always know how much Daddy and I love you.  You may be two but you always be my 8lb 6 ounce chubby faced baby boy.

All my love,  forever and always.

Mummy xxxxxxx

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