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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wedding Series - DIY Wedding Post Box

One of the things I loved when planning our wedding was the gorgeous white post boxes, you know the ones that look like real post boxes but are white with gold details - love them! but they can cost up to £100 to hire and my sensible mind knew it was silly to spend that on something people would just put a card on.

So I started scrolling pinterest for ideas, I saw the other favourites, the bird cage or old suitcase but I wasn't keen.  Then I came across something that gave me inspiration but it would require a fair amount of DIY, it was either going to work or be a disaster but I decided to give it a go.

I went to hobby craft and both a hard card post box flat pack type thing, which was only £9.99 and it was surprisingly large.  I bought two wooden letters in our initials and then got some faux flowers and ivy leaf garlands from the range which were super cheap.  the packs of 8 roses were £1 both the large white and smaller pink, and the ivy garland was also £1 for 2.  absolute bargain! I got some paint for the letters from B&Q and a glue gun from a little shop called Tiger that was only £5! Luckily my mum pointed out I would need strong glue as the letters would be quite heavy against the box.

So here is how I did this super simple post box!

  1. Firstly I painted the letters in a gorgeous coral colour and left them to dry.  
  2. Once they were dry I glued the letters to the box, I had to hold them firmly for a good ten minutes but they stuck so well! 
  3. Then I stood the box back up and popped the lid on, I got the ivy garland and draped it 'decoratively' round the top of the box and glued it into place.
  4. The Roses had wire stems so I then wrapped them on the ivy garland until I felt it looked just right.

And voila - I am still chuft to bits with how it looked and SO many people commented on it.  Overall including the cost of the glue gun, paint, box, letters, and flowers, my DIY post box cost around £35!


  1. A really lovely wedding DIY! It turned out beautifully x

  2. A really lovely wedding DIY! It turned out beautifully x

  3. Yet another post I'm going share with my buddies on facebook. Thanks!


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