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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Autumn bucket list

Autumn is my favourite season by far.  I love the warm haze of summer and the long nights don't get me wrong, but I get to a point where I am totally over it - and I have reached that point.  I am so ready for chunky knit and crunchy leaves.  Autumn also brings me a whole new list of things I want to do, Freddie couldn't walk last autumn which makes this year even more exciting with more possibilities, so hear is my autumn bucket list!

1.  Get Organised - this may seem a funny one, but winter brings us Freddie's second birthday and of course Christmas, I am usually so disorganised and this year that has to be different, being disorganised usually ends in spending (wasting) more money.  Even if I do not start buying yet, I want to have a full amazon wish list ready to go, a written list of what I will buy, what I will make and what I want to do/acheive over the birthday/xmas period so I am in control and don't end up super stressed and running out of time of all the things I really want to do.  We are also planning to redecorate and have a bloody good clear out, so Autumn will see this happen too, the house is in chaos after a crazy summer and its time to get sorted!

2.  Halloween - Halloween was great last year and it will be even better this year now Freddie is able to do so much more.  I might have a little halloween party, and we will definitely be painting pumpkins, and getting a super cute fancy dress costume!

3.  Go pumpkin picking - We went last year and I would like to go again this year, it would be great    to recreate some of the photos we took to see how much Freddie has grown.  This is definitely one of the things I am most excited about!

4. Baking - I love baking but I tend to always bake the same thing, I would like to find a couple of new autumnal recipes. I would like to make banana loaf, I know its super simple but I haven't made it before but I know Freddie loves it when I buy him a slice from the swimming pool, so I really want to bake him some.  I would also love to give making my own bread ago, I have bought some yeast so watch this space!

5. Country Walks - We will definitely be heading to Knole park this autumn, it is my absolute favourite place to go when the leaves start to turn golden.  We had our engagement photoshoot there on the 1st October last year so again would be lovely to go back and recreate some of the shot, I would love to make it a little tradition.  Ash down forest is also on my bucket list for the new season, I loved it there as a child, playing pooh sticks, looking for Eeyore's house and I cannot wait to take Fred whatever the weather.  Freddie adores being outside and I don't want this to change just because it might not be sunny.

6. Buy new wellies - My wellies are pink with blue spots, I have had them since I was about 17 and I loved them, but now I hate them so I think its time to invest in some I have had my eye on in Joules, I want Mr P and I to have matching ones, I am sure they will feature on my instagram soon!

7.  Crafts - I  still have the lovely autumn pictures we made last year stuck on the kitchen door, I can't believe the leaves are still up!  This year I have been pinning some great looking crafts including Apple and potato printing.  We will also make a start on our DIY christmas cards I think.

8.  Nature walk - I will definitely be taking Freddie out to do a nature walk.  I am going to try to do him a list using pictures of things to find like conkers, brown leaves, yellow leaves, pine cones and acorns - I am really excited about doing this, Freddie responds really well to structured activities like this, can't wait to see what he makes of it all.  A great thing to do in any weather and a great sensory activity too.

9.  Build a fort and have dinner inside -  Freddie loves having a 'picnic' tea, where we all sit on the floor and eat tea together, he also loves when I make a fort to play in so we will definitely make some family time to do both together.  Our picnic tea's are one of my favourite things to do, it's such good bonding time, no phones, no enforcing of sitting nicely or distractions, just the three of us, giggling and eating pizza.  No doubt it will also turn into a disney movie night with Freddie's favourite cinnamon popcorn.

10  Farmers market -  We have a local farmers market, 5 minutes from us and I always forget its on! But I have put in my calendar and I am looking forward to browsing the stalls of local produce and hopefully pick up some yummy chutneys, and other things to put in the xmas hampers I am making for grandparents etc.

11.  Go to Harvest at our church - We haven't been to the All Ages Family Service at our church for ages so feeling a tad guilty! We will definitely be taking Freddie to Harvest Festival, one of the best times to go and we will be making a box of harvest goodies to donate too. Cauliflowers fluffy, cabbages green, strawberries sweeter than ever I've seen... need I say anymore?

12.  Last but not least I would love a nice autumnal scented candle and a nice new blanket.  The reason I love Autumn is the cosy days and evenings snuggled up together. Not many people know but I have an obsession with blankets, I have quite a collection, and in my opinion you cannot have enough! I would like something in some wintery colours and a nice scented candle to make the house smell like autumn. I will definitely also be adding a scarf to my huuugee collection, scarves are my favourite thing about the colder weather, how sad is that!
I love writing these bucket lists, really gives me a focus for the next few months.  Small achievable things that make me feel like we have achieved lots of special moments.  What is on your Autumn bucket list?


  1. Lovely list! I didn't know you could go pumpkin picking around here! Where do you go? xx

  2. Thank you lovely. We went to PYO pumpkins in Hoo, which is Rochester way, only about 15/20 mins from us the queues go for miles tho although it moves so quickly so don't get put off X

  3. Really great post. This answered the majority of my questions. When I read this I actually opened up a word document and started taking notes haha.
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