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Monday, 20 June 2016

Wedding Series - The invites

I have been so looking forward to writing this post and now everyone has received  their invitations I can finally share them with you!

When I first started looking at invitations I fell in love with some fancy floral sets I saw advertised on Facebook, however the would have cost over £250! So I came back to reality with a thud and had to put my thinking cap on. 

After hours trawling the internet I came across a beautiful design on Optimal Print which I instantly fell in love with.  They were a floral theme that completely matched the rest of the wedding theme, I was so chuft and with 40 day invites and 40 evening invites they only cost me £80! They were delivered super quick and the quality was outstanding for the cost.

We decided not to use RSVP cards as they were just another thing to pay for, and not really necessary. We are not asking for gifts, we are not asking for anything really other than our guests to enjoy our day with us but we knew our family and friends would want to give us something so we have asked for the non-traditional money if people want to give us something and I found this poem which I thought was perfect, and I really love it.  The back of the invite has directions and hotel room instructions.

I knew I wanted to 'pimp' them so off I went to hobbycraft!

I used mini luggage tags and twine to give them a 'gift' feel and to write the invitee name.  I bought a lovely blue shimmery pen to write with and address the envelopes with too.

I also bought some sticky pearls some large and some small to stick in the centre of the flowers to give the invites a more expensive 3D feel. I think they looked so lovely, the pearls where a light pink and some where white.

I was so pleased with the finished result which cost £125 including extra decorations and all postage. We didn't recieve a single RSVP that didnt comment on how lovely and beautifully presented the invitations were, so tying all that bloody twine was worth it!

Only 7 weeks to go!!

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