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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Days out in Kent - Sissinghurst Castle, Lake Walk

We had the most beautiful day on Sunday and I just had to share.  We went 'out out' on Saturday night and were a touch hungover at my mum's house on Sunday morning, but the sun was shining so we all jumped in the car and headed for a spontaneous trip to Sissinghurst Castle; Somewhere I have always wanted to go.  We have been National Trust Members for a year but still had not ventured over to Sissinghurst.
I was pretty taken with the view that greeted us!
I was amazed from the moment we drove into the driveway at just how stunning it was. As we had the dog with us we were unable to explore the actual castle and castle gardens so headed off on the Lake walk instead. The lake is a mile walk but as we ventured off course a few times I would say we walked a good three miles.   I am not sure you could really appreciate it all in one day anyway and we plan to go back soon with Fred in the Ergobaby to explore the buildings, castle, gardens and vegetable gardens properly.
Fred was fascinated by all the surroundings and was 'ooing' at the view, as we all were. There was a gorgeous little cafe and shop full of yummy treats and so many places to have picnics.  In fact, there was just so so much vast space you could find a lovely spot to have a peaceful picnic, the children can run and play and you can take in the beautiful views as far as the eye can see and you could be completely alone. It was just wonderful.  We headed off on the lake walk which started by the castle, so we got to see it from the outside and followed the path around the beautiful lake and enjoyed exploring cute little bridges, hideaways and picture perfect bluebells.

Our walk started here at the entrance to the Castle.
My words and photos couldn't possibly do it justice, so you must must go! And if like us you want to take your dog there is so much you can still do, unlike some of the other NT places we have visited. Or if you are not members and don't fancy paying to go into the castle, exploring these beautiful grounds will cost you no more than the car park. As it was a bit of a spontaneous trip I borrowed my mum's camera which isn't quite as good picture quality as mine, but I am still pretty pleased with what I took, my photography skills are slowly getting there! So sit back and enjoy the photos!

Beautiful Spot for a picnic

Playing poo sticks!

Grannie and Grandad!

The reason Fred is MIA is because he was busy screaming in anger about holding the dog lead!

Anyone who knows how I can get rid of this shadow, message me, I am such a technophobe and I adore this photo. What a view.
I hope you enjoyed our photos, let me know if you go to Sissinghurst Castle! And keep your eyes peeled for a post on the castle and castle grounds which we will be off to explore soon.

Oh, and of course we finished the day with ice creams, which ended in carnage!


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