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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring Bucket list

So Spring is almost here, the nights are definitely getting a bit lighter although unfortunately not warmer, the sun is shining a little bit more and my vases are full of daffodils and tulips. I love Spring it's like the light at the end of a gloomy winter tunnel and with Freddie now really on the move, I am getting so excited for warmer days to be upon us. 

I'm constantly planning things I want to do this Spring so here is my little Spring bucket list.

1. Go to the zoo - Howletts Zoo is where Chris and I had one of our first dates, somewhere I went lots as a child and I just absolutely love it there.  Taking my little Fred will be really special for me and we plan to go over Easter Weekend. I'm so excited, Freddie is animal mad so I know he is going to share our passion for wild animals. I think Freddie's love for farm animals might also mean a trip to Godstone farm, which I am sure will have him squealing with delight. He adores
Mummy's farm animal noises haha.

2. Bake a cake - I do lots of baking but recently I've really upped my game! And I've been pinning a few ideas for something different to make and try something a little more out my comfort zone.

3. Have a 'Spring clean' - now I'm someone who could happily spring clean every week and used too before Fred came along, but with a demanding toddler, tidying, cleaning and organising is a lot harder! So a date is booked in for F to have a day with Grannie and mummy will be getting out those marigolds and charity shop bags! 

4. Lose 6lbs - This might be easier said than done with Easter approaching but I'm 5lbs away from being in my next stone bracket! And the wedding dress fitting is getting ever closer so motivation levels are high! 

5. Easter/Spring Crafts - As a child doing crafts was a big part of my life. My mum always had a huge box of things for 'sticking and gluing' and I was never happier than when I was creating something over ambitious. Freddie is starting to be old enough to appreciate this so we will definitely be doing some crafts this spring - my Pinterest is bursting with ideas! 

6. Easter Basket - making an Easter basket for your children is a tradition I discovered from fellow mum's on Instagram. I did it for Fred last year even though he was only 5 months. I think it's such a lovely thing to do and I will definitely be doing it again this year. I will be doing a video and post with what goodies will be inside! 

7. Start scrapbook - I have been given a gorgeous, huge scrapbook and want to make a book full of Freddie's first year of life; pictures, milestones, things i remember, thoughts and feelings etc. I plan to get all the photos ordered ASAP then get planning! Don't know why I'm adding this to my list when I've got so much wedding prep to be doing but if I don't start now I never will! 

8. Photos! - I took some great pictures last Easter of Fred and I would love to recreate those to see how much he has grown. I also want to get out and about with my new camera and get some new pictures of us all together. First on list, buy a tripod!

9. Go somewhere new - now Fred is walking, running and just generally loving to explore we just love getting out and about. We tend to go to our favourite places which I find easier being an anxious person (which is ridiculous I know) but I  want some knew places to explore! Top of my list are Leeds Castle and Hever Castle and I'd like to find a middle of nowhere walk completely out in the country side, close to our house that can become a regular walk for us. 

10. Date night - I can't remember the last time Mr P and I got dressed up and enjoyed dinner and cocktails together, so that is definitely on the list, long over due! 

So that's my Spring bucket list! What's on yours? 

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