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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Toddler routine

Whenever I meet other mums 'Routine' is always a topic conversation that comes up. I have found reading routines on other blogs really helpful as Freddie has gone from baby to toddler and it's great to see what other toddlers day's look like.  So, I thought it would be good to share our daily routine.

As soon as we came home from hospital with our new baby we followed an evening routine of bath, stories etc but we never really pushed a day time routine. We followed Freddie's lead and encouraged him into certain habits and I am so glad we did.  It also means he is so adaptable if his routine has to change, it means we are not beholden to a certain nap/lunch time which makes going out so easy. That said, we keep our day fairly structured when we are at home.

8/8:30am - Freddie is not an early riser, never has been so he wakes around 8, has a nappy change and drinks 8 ounces of cows milk whilst coming round to Cbeebies.

8:45/9am - Breakfast - throws Porridge and fruit on to the floor

9:15 am - Get Freddie dressed, teeth brushed etc and I dress/hair/makeup while Freddie spreads my
make up all over the bedroom.

10am - Mondays and Tuesday the routine is earlier by 15 minutes and by 10am we are at toddler group/musical bumps.  If we are at home I set Freddie up with some toys while I do housework for an hour, but in reality he doesn't play. He just follows me and undoes any tidying I'm doing/pulls things out of cupboards etc!

11/11:30am - (back from groups) We have quiet time, watch Mr Tumble and read stories, Fred drinks his drink and has a fruit snack, cuddles big cat and generally just chills on the sofa like a tiny teenager. 

12:00pm - Lunch time!

12:30pm - Nap time

2:30pm - Wakes up from his nap, usually grumpy so we have drinks, new nappy, snack and cuddles while he comes round.  While he is asleep I usually set up an afternoon activity to do together, Messy Play, Painting, Sensory bath, or his train tracks or we go out to the park. Hopefully we will be spending lots more time outdoors soon as we head into spring!

3:45pm- Milk and snack

4:00pm -  Plays with toys/shouts at me from gate on kitchen door while I prep dinner.  Once dinner is cooking we have some quiet time with cbeebies and puzzles/books while preps dinner.

5pm - Dinner

5:45pm - Tidy up time. We put his toys away together, even if he wants to pull things out I am quite strict that its 'bye bye' toys and we sing the tidy up song we have learnt through Musical bumps.  He is really starting to understand and enjoy putting is toys away so they can have 'sleeps' too. I really want him to learn to look after his things, keep them together in there right place, this means getting toys out the following day is nice and easy and we never have missing pieces! (ocd mumma alert)

6:15pm Bath - Freddie has a bath every night, we are lucky it doesn't affect his skin and he absolutely loves his bath time with daddy when he comes in from work.

6:30pm - We keep his bath to 15 minutes so as to not make him over excited or over tired. Then its into his bedroom for milk, story, massage, teeth, pj's and cuddles then into bed with Big Cat and Ewan the dream sheep and when he is in good sleep mode is always asleep by half 7. Alternatively he stays up until 11pm screaming the house down.

So that is Freddie's routine.  I absolutely love that he instigates his quiet time. He loves to be excitable, running around, playing silly games etc but he loves to cuddle and chill too and I just find it so cute!

What was your child's routine like at 14 months old? Do you keep a strict routine or are you more 'go with the flow'?

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