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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Letter to Freddie at 6 Months

To My Darling little Freddie,
How are you 6 months? 6 months old. half a year. 183 days old.

It feels like such a huge milestone. I have no idea how I will feel when you turn a year. You are experiencing your first spring and are really loving these warmer days. You love nothing more than to be outside exploring and you love the feel of the grass in hands.

I had you weighed 2 weeks ago and you weighed in at 16lbs 10 ounces which leaves you just under the 50th percentile. You are very tall for your age but quite the dinky donut weight wise! You have petite little features.

Its no surprise you are a slim jim with all the jumping you do! You absolutely love love love the Jumperoo! You squeal with delight if you see it, and you jump like a crazy loon. Hard to believe you are only six months, I've never seen jumping like it!

You love taking Selfies!
You are having 5 8 ounce bottles in a 24 hour period and 3 meals. I have been so relaxed regarding our routine and it's paid off, you have settled into your own routine and it works perfectly for us.

You have a bottle anywhere between 5-7am then sleep until 9:30am followed by breakfast.  You have a bottle around 12pm and a short nap and lunch at 2pm. Then a late afternoon bottle around 3pm and a longer nap, dinner at six followed by a bath, bottle and bed, with a feed between 11-12pm ish.

You have now moved into your own room after literally bursting out of your moses basket.  It went really well at first with you sleeping all night, but in the last week and a half you have been really unsettled and we have been back to doing a bit of co sleeping. We are not complaining too much though, we love having you so close to us. You seem to wake in your cot suddenly and you scream the most awful scream! I am pretty sure it isn't separation anxiety as you are not calmed by us coming to you. I think it is possibly part of your current leap and teething etc so we are just going to ride it out and go with the flow.  Seems to be how things usually work out for us!

You love your food and your favourite is Parsnip, rice cakes with tomato puree, strawberries, melon and porridge!

You have really found your voice and you make the cutest little lamb noise, its so funny and so flipping caaaaute!! I think you are really close to saying your first words, you make the lip movements and the noise half comes out. You giggle so much now and your little laugh is so so funny. You laugh at daddy much more than me, he seems to play peekaboo much better than mummy and daddy's dog noises have you in absolute stitches.

We have moved up to the next class in swimming which is a lot more intense.  But I am amazed how much you have learnt.  You have learnt to turn in the water, to close your eyes on signal and can swim underwater about a meter without anyone holding you. It is absolutely amazing.

You are loving your musical bumps class too, you love all the singing. I have sung to you non stop since you were in my tummy. I am getting as much singing in as possible before you are old enough to tell me to shh it!

You can finally sit unaided, and reach out for your toys, You love your stacking cups and love to knock them over when mummy builds you a big tower! You love to bash your piano and snuggling your cuddly toys.  You can roll front to back and push up on your arms now, you are so close to crawling just need to work on the leg coordination, not that that's stops you making your way across the floor! I can't turn my back for one minute. I do kind of miss you being still!! Housework is becoming a lot harder now!!

you are so bright and on the ball and are making the most of our family days out! We love going swimming, to the park, soft play, and now we have joined the national trust we shall be making the most of that too!

I cry all the time at how quickly you are growing but I absolutely love watching all the things you are learning. We get so so many compliments on what a gorgeous, clever, well behaved little boy you are, I could burst with pride.

It's so true though, you are so so good. We are very lucky but I do think it helps that we are so relaxed. In my head I worry incessantly but to you I am cool as a cucumber.  We can go days without you crying, its quite impressive.  But you make up for it with your occasional screaming fits and random things, usually being over tired.

You make the funniest little faces!

You are just so beautiful x

It brings tears to my eyes when you hold your little arms up to me and daddy, we are your best friends and you are ours. You love your daddy, son time (aka mummy stays in bed time) and get so so excited when the door goes when daddy returns from work.

Thank you so much for the last six months. It is an absolute joy being your mummy. You have changed me for the better and brought so much happiness to our lives.

You can see how far you've come since you were 5 months old here.

Love you always and forever,


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