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Thursday, 23 April 2015

We Love the Nuby Nibbler!

I'm Since having Freddie I have become familiar with the brand Nuby through all my social media channels. Their designs and innovative products always catch my eye, even more so in the lead up to our weaning journey.

I will be honest, I saw The Nibbler and was a bit sceptical, I didn't really see the point, and mentally put it in the same category as the 'wipe warmer' (I mean seriously, a wipe warmer?! Come on!!).

However when I went on my little weaning shopping spree I was so excited I practically bought one of everything.  I only went to Sainsbury's to begin with and the only Nuby product they had was The Nibbler and as it was only £4 I thought ah well, why not. 

Freddie was really fussing over his gums, those two bottom teeth are really starting to show them selves, and nothing was making him happy. he was chewing his hand ferociously and I was getting bored of picking up the teething rings he was just tossing on the floor.  I remembered The Nuby Nibbler packet suggests filling the net with frozen fruit as a teething aid so as I had some frozen raspberries I thought it would be worth a try.

And am I glad I did!! It was a HUGE success! He chewed happily for what felt like hours! He couldn't get enough! The best part about it what that I could totally relax while he did his thing because the design takes away the risk of choking. popping the food inside the net with tiny holes means baby wont get any pieces big enough to choke on. So clever and cant believe it hasn't been thought of sooner! All parents need one. The perfect way to start finger foods.

Chewing the frozen fruit definitely soothed his gums too, the big smiles made that pretty clear!

The net was bright red by the time he finished and I 100% expected it to stay stained, but it didn't! it washed easily and was back to being white. 

The little net is easy to fill and even comes with a lid so if baby gets bored half way through you can pop the lid on and come back to it later. 

After a very successful first go, I filled the net with strawberries, and again he had so much fun with it, I couldn't believe the sucking noises he was making and he demolished 3 strawberries! So cute watching him smack his lips together in delight! 

I really think this is a must have product for all weaning babies, I cant wait to fill it with lots of fruity goodies and have popped some more fruit in the freezer ready for those bad teeth days!

Do you have The Nibbler? What does your little one think?

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