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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Name Game

I have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember.  I would always make lists of my favourite names even from a really young age and my toys/dolly's would have their names changed several times a day. 

Chris and I have always enjoyed talking about baby names and we had them sussed. But once I was actually pregnant we were thrown into spending hours and hours (and hours and hour's) looking through names. Suddenly it didn't seem so simple, picking a name is actually extremely stressful! You are making a decision your child has to live with forever.  Everyone has an opinion, every name sounds different to different people and you don't realise how many names have a negative association to you until you have to name a baby!

Girls names were easy, we loved so many picking which one to choose would have been a struggle. Personally I think you can be a bit more creative with girls names, something a bit more unusual, pretty and unique just seems to work better with girls names. But I felt a boys name needed to be strong and classic. We were delighted when the sonographer announced we were expecting a blue one but slightly panicked at the thought of finding a name!

We knew straight away that the middle name would be William, I have a thing that a middle name should mean something and William is Chris's middle name, the name of his Great Grandfather and luckily flowed beautifully after pretty much anything.  If we ever have a girl her middle name would be after Chris's Grandma who is very sadly no longer with us.

Our favourite name has already been snapped up in our family so after a loooooot of talking, list writing, crossing them off, writing them again and shouting out theoretical names in the hallway this was our top list...
  1. Arthur
  2. Theo
  3. Edward 'Teddy/Ted'
  4. Fletcher
  5. Jacob
  6. Jasper
  7. Henry
  8. Zachary
  9. Freddie
  10. William (as a first name)
I think there were some names on this list that we kind of knew we would never choose, but that we felt a connection too all the same.

To me it was always Arthur, its what I had wanted before baby was even conceived and as Chris came to love it too I just assumed that's what we would choose.

Freddie was first suggested by my Step Dad but I just brushed it off. But Chris kept mentioning it and when I looked it up I was surprised to find that it hadn't been in the top 50 names for 3 years and I loved the meaning (peaceful ruler).  Freddie William sounded beautiful together so I agreed for it to go on the list and the more we talked about it, the more I loved it. My Great Grandad was called Fred, so it's quite nice that it does also have a family connotation too.

When we were handed our little bundle Chris asked me what I wanted to call him, I said Arthur and that was that.  But as I cuddled my baby 'Arthur' I could just feel that wasn't his name. I was disappointed as I love everything about the name, but it just wasn't right.  So as I lay on the operating table snuggling my tiny newborn, I asked him what he would choose and as he said Freddie William. I just knew that was it. and now I couldn't think of anything better, I absolutely love his name and we have had so many comments on what a lovely name it is. It's strange because when I look at him, it's just so obvious he is a Freddie. Strange how a name just fits like that. 

I've put together a little list of my top tips for naming a baby!
  1. Think of nicknames! You don't want your child to be plagued with playground ridicule.
  2. Think about what the initials might spell, D names were out for us. DWP? Department of work and pensions? Not the best initials! 
  3. Don't tell people the chosen name unless your 100% sure, their opinions might not be what you want to hear when your fat and hormonal! My favourite comment was people saying "that's a dogs name" to pretty much anything such a stupid thing to say, I knew s rabbit called Amy, does that make my name a rabbits name?! 
  4. Imagine answering the phone to someone with the name. What would your initial thoughts be?
  5. Try shouting the name. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but actually saying names out loud and calling them out really helped us! 
  6. I love unusual names and am not a fan of really common names. Although, try and remember you are not a celebrity. It might seem great announcing on Facebook your extremely unique name but 5 years down the line, will you regret it? I read quite a few posts on netmums from peoe who regretted their child's name choice, which I think is a really sad situation.
  7. My pet hate - made up spellings!! Your poor child will spend their whole life having to correct people and recieving letters/emails etc with their name spelt incorrectly. Please don't try and make your child's name unique by making up your own spelling! 
  8. Go with your gut instinct and follow your heart! 
  9. Poke your partner with a sharp stick and withdraw all romantic gestures until they agree with you.
How did you decide your child's name? 


  1. I hate made up spellings too, it's just so unnecessary! I love the name Freddie (slightly biased as its my nephews name haha), but love how it's not really common. I'm finding boys names SO much harder than girls names! Xx

    1. So glad it's not just be who hates made up spellings! I loved freddie but I thought it was a lot more common that it actually is so that really helped decide. I don't envy you, it's the hardest thing ever naming a boy! I hope we have a girl next time or we might just have to call him boy haha! Xx

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