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Monday, 13 April 2015

Freddie's First Easter

First of all I need to apologise for the huge lack of blogging in what feels like ages, although it has only been a couple of weeks.  My Step Dad had major heart surgery in London so it has been an extremely hard and emotional time for our family, and I haven't been in the right headspace to blog. I was keeping his business going whilst him and my mum were in London all whilst Freddie and I had awful stinking colds so I didn't have much time either. We have been through the hardest time of our lives but as a family we have pulled together with the help of some amazing people around us and we are trying to build our lives back up and look forward to the future. 

Although it was a million years ago now I thought writing about Freddie's first Easter would be a nice way to get back into things. So apologies if you're a bit over Easter now, but hey ho, I have more posts coming up this week so stick with me!

I didn't want Freddie's first Easter to go unnoticed in amongst the chaos, so I went on a little evening mummy trip to create him a little Easter basket.  I set a budget of £10, because, well, lets be honest, its not Christmas!

I couldn't find a basket suitable but then I came across A big plastic egg full of smaller multi coloured eggs which I thought would be great for sensory activities when he is a little older so I took half out and put in the other things I bought...

Bunny Ears - Dunelm Mill £1.99
Yellow 'Cute and Cuddly' Tshirt - Asda £2
Rubber Duck Family - £1.99 Dunelm Mill
Touch and Feel book about Spring - Amazon £2.99

I was really proud of the outcome and Freddie absolutely loved it! His Favourite is definitely the rubber ducks!

The Easter Egg I put together on the left and on the right a little present from his Great Nanny Madgett, a little knitted chicken! So Cute!

Found this card in Asda and thought it was adorable!
On Good Friday we met up with some gorgeous friends and had a lovely pub lunch (whats a bank holiday weekend without a pub lunch!) followed by a walk in Knole Park. Freddie loved all the attention and really seemed to enjoy watching the deer in the park!

On Easter Sunday we went for a lovely breakfast followed by a relaxed family afternoon.  Freddie sat in a little high chair at breakfast, he looked so grown up sitting there all by himself! SOB! It really was the perfect way to spend our first family Easter.

We were running maaaajorrrly late to breakfast but I managed to get a quick Easter photo shoot featuring the bunny ears! Anyway enough of me boring you, Here is our first family Easter in Pictures... x

Ready for Knole Park with Mr P. Anyone else love a bobble hat? The bigger the bobble the better!
Good Friday family selfie!

Freddie wore his baby Timberlands for the first time! even though they are still a tad too big!

My boys in the park!

Freddie enjoying his first pub lunch!

Freddie, Mummy and Auntie Lauren

Freddie and the girls (and the bobble hat)

DIY Easter Photo shoot!

I leave the room for two seconds and what does he do to mummy's pretty display? his little face is so cute like he doesn't know how it happened!

Ready for breakfast!

Freddie in the little high chair!

Playing with his Easter Toys!

Aw these photos make my heart swell! Love my boys so much! Thank you for reading!

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