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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A ramble from a C section mum

To the women reading this who is booked in to deliver her baby by Cesearean Section - you have not failed. Having a C section is a terryfying thing, the love for your baby gets you through but you have to be bloody brave too.

Delivering your baby through the 'sun roof ' does not make you any less of a woman. I don't know why women who have natural drug free births are celebrated and  c section mummas feel ashamed, we are all mothers. Mothers who have faced fear and pain to bring our tiny bundles into this world. All births should be celebrated equally. Period. 

At 34 weeks I was told our baby was breech, he didn't move so I was booked in for a c section. 

I had dreamt of a drug free birth using the hypno birthing techniques I had spent months practising and in a matter of moments that dream was gone. 

My c section was always referred to as an 'elective' something which I never understood. I didn't choose to have a c section, I had no choice, medically it was the safest thing for my baby.

Having a C section is not an easy option. It is terrifying so no one should ever be judged for choosing to have a c section, and for those mums who have the choice taken out of their hands in a matter of moments as they are rushed down to theatre as an emergency unfolds, I admire you, your bravery is unremarkable.

I think some women loose sight of what birth is for, it has 1 sole purpose. To bring your baby into the world safely, it doesn't matter how. If you have a healthy baby at the end it's a job well done. I was asked by a few people would I not try a vaginal breech delivery. Are they mad? Am I selfish enough to risk my babies life just so I can experience what society says would make me a better women. Absolutely not. 

Someone may think they are better than me because they had a vaginal birth with no medical intervention, but the truth is we are equal. We both grew babies for 9 months and carried them until our backs ached and we will both treasure our children till the day we leave this earth. We have been on our own unique journeys to bring our children into this world but it doesn't make one of us better than the other.

I have had moments since I had Freddie where I feel inferior to those who had natural births and it has taken me a while to feel proud of what I went through. I will always feel sad that I will probably never experience a 'natural' delivery, I wanted to feel what the pain was like, I know that sounds strange, but I really did.

Anyway I don't really know where I am going with this, but after seeing a post being shared around Facebook about how C sections were the 'easy' option I felt I just needed to write something.

Although I am not sure having a needle in your spine, and then 5 layers of skin, muscle and tendons cut through is the easy option.

So please, be proud of yourself for bringing your baby into the world. No matter how you did it.


  1. I agree 100%. How anyone could expect you to deliver vaginally with a breech baby is insane. Even if you did attempt it, you probably would have ended up in the theatre with the same result! But at least you didn't cause any unnecessary distress to yourself or your baby. x

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