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Saturday, 18 April 2015

A letter to Freddie at 5 months

To my darling Freddie,

I am a few days late this month, but how are you 5 months old?! 5 months just feels so much older. One minute you were a tiny baby and now your blowing raspberries at me!

I have been a very naughty Mummy as I haven't got you weighed for nearly 6 weeks! The health visitor did say I didn't need to worry too much now and with everything going on with Grandad in Hospital I just haven't got round too it.  I know you are growing into a big strong boy though, as you are getting chunky little thighs now and are even wearing some 6-9 months clothes! But I will get you weighed this week!

You are guzzling 8 ounces of milk down now, having your milk is still such a messy occasion, if you could stop spraying it out the sides mummy would appreciate it. Slow and Steady wins the race!! You have started having some baby rice this week which you absolutely love! It was amazing how you knew exactly what to do first time. You opened your little mouth and chewed away happily until you had devoured a whole bowl! This week we will be starting with some more exciting tastes! be prepared for a whole lotta' broccoli, butternut squash and pear to be coming your way!

I am so glad we fixed the bath problem! You just weren't happy with such a little amount of water, You love plenty of warm water to splash about in. You are starting to really enjoy your bath toys and love to soak mummy with your crazy leg kicking, I love seeing you enjoying your baths.

Our daily routine is pretty good. You are a happy baby and I am a happy mummy. You love playing and napping in your cot which means mummy can get the washing done (seriously, enough with the puking!) We play lots of fun games, you love mummy reading you stories, especially your pop up books. although poor daddy has had to selotape quite a few limbs back on!

Look at those chunky thighs! You love going out in your new hat and sunglasses! I am amazed you happily keep them on!

You are really on the move now too, not only can you roll front to back and back to front but if I lay you on your play matt within a few minutes you have shuffled halfway across the room! clever baby. You love your toys more every day, your favourite is Freddie the Firefly. You still love to stand and now you can touch the floor in your jumperoo you love to bounce all day long!

You love your new baby walker at Grannies!

This month you walked on grass for the very first time!

You have become so noisy too, shrieking with excitement and gurgling really long stories. It is almost too cute for mummy to handle! plus your new favourite trick to blow raspberries provides you with endless enjoyment even if you are basically just spitting all over your own face.

We haven't been to classes for 3 weeks as everything was off for Easter but we start back at swimming this week which I cannot wait for, you have come on so much in our lessons and I still cant believe at the end of last term you swam under water without being held! You really love our swimming lessons, I love seeing how far you have come. We are also starting back at Musical Bumps, you love mummy singing to you and I think classes will be even better now you are even more interactive.

I love your spikey hair!
I can see a little white tooth starting to make an appearance which explains the red cheeks and the fact you put evvvverrrytthing in your mouth. You even try and eat my hands and you are a serious dribble monster! You are not interested in teething toys, which would be better than your fist! We have needed to use calpol a couple of times but overall you are coping quite well. We had one bad night where you screamed for 3 hours straight, luckily I love you lots so I don't mind! Your ankle is almost big enough to keep your amber bracelet on so I am hoping that will help too.

Bedtime is back to being a positive experience again, you go down between 8 and 9 and although you take a bit of persuading to go to sleep once you are down you have a dream feed at 11ish and then you sleep until the morning, You were waking at 3ish for a bottle but since you have been having some baby rice you are back to sleeping until six, and then till 10 after a bottle and nappy change. I find it quite funny how you like a lay in, like a tiny teenager!

You are such a cheeky monkey and love to giggle

Your beautiful little face melts my heart x

I get so many comments on what a good baby you are, and it really is true. You only cry when you are tired as you are a pickle for fighting sleep and the rest of the time you are as good as gold. Although I am sure this wont last!  You already have such a funny personality, you love showing off and the more people around you, the better! Your little character shows more every day. Being your mummy makes me the happiest person alive, we have so much fun every day and with daddy at the weekends, I couldn't imagine life without you.

Love you always and forever, Mummy xxx

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