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Sunday, 19 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

For a few weeks my twitter feed has been filled with a flurry of bloggers writing A list of 50 things that make them happy.  I have really enjoyed reading such happy uplifting things and have been thinking of all the things, in my life that make me happy. So I thought I would join in!

I am actually quite nervous. I hope this post doesn't take me too long to write, 50 things is quite daunting! But here it goes... These are in no order or priority! just as they come to my head!
  1. Of course number one has got to be my beautiful son, Freddie William.
  2. Freddie's amazing daddy, Mr P aka Chris.
  3. An ice cold can of diet coke.
  4. Trips to the zoo
  5. The relationship I have with Chris, We are so in love, best friends and we could honestly spend every waking moment with each other and still be laughing at the end of the day
  6. A freshly washed and made bed
  7. The little noises Fred makes and the raspberries he has started blowing
  8. laying in bed with Mr P talking about our plans for the future
  9. Taking pictures, I'm no photographer but I could photograph my beautiful boy all day long
  10. Holidays and planning future adventures
  11. Watching old home videos, sometimes they make me feel sad too, but happy on the whole
  12. A really good cocktail
  13. A clean home, organised, polished, hovered, moped, bleached and fabreeze'd with favourite pink blossom smell!
  14. Sunday mornings in bed with Mr P and Freddie cuddled in the middle.
  15. Where I live, it is so lovely and looks gorgeous in the sunshine
  16. Looking at houses on rightmove
  17. listening to music, loudly and singing until my voice is hoarse
  18. Grilled asparagus in balsamic vinegar and mashed potato!
  19. Lying on the sofa snuggled under my big pink fluffy blanket
  20. Pushing my icandy in the sunshine
  21. The private jokes Mr P and I share that can have us laughing so hard we cant speak
  22. Trashy tv, KUWTK, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, I love it all!
  23. Watching Fred learn new things
  24. My engagement ring and the fact I actually own a real diamond
  25. Watching Mr P and Freddie together, I have never witnessed love like it. They are the best of friends and it is adorable too watch. Chris has become such an incredible father.
  26. The necklace I was given on my first mothers day engraved with Freddie's name
  27. Summer evenings in pub gardens
  28. When my hair and make up goes right
  29. New clothes
  30. Decorating and buying house bits and bobs
  31. Sitting on the sofa with Mr P and looking around us at what we have achieved through hard work and determination at such a young age.
  32. Wedding planning, so many ideas!
  33. Looking at baby names, I have been obsessed for years
  34. holding our beautiful sleeping baby, cuddled into my chest
  35. A blood sugar between 5 and 7
  36. Smells. I can't tell you what smells, because I don't know. But sometimes I will smell something and it takes me right back to a old moment. (if that makes sense!)
  37. Holding hands with Mr P
  38. cosy fluffy socks from primark. very specific ones!
  39. My mum. She makes me so happy and is my best friend
  40. Organising, I love to organise our home and I love how much Chris appreciates how nice I keep everything
  41. Our lovely home. It's so cosy and I love the way we decorated it
  42. The way Freddie smiles at me. My heart could burst
  43. Random quiet nights out that end up being the best nights out of your life. (although its been a while since I had a night out!)
  44. Sitting with friends laughing about old school times and cringey teenage moments
  45. The beautiful sound of a piano being played
  46. Cold hands
  47. Re-reading messages from when I announced I was pregnant, the love and kind messages we received will always amaze me.
  48. My family. we have been through so much, yet we are the strongest family unit I know.
  49. Money and spending it on others
  50. Swimming lessons with Fred
Actually now I have written that I could honestly write another 50 things! I am feeling so positive about life right now :-)

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I look forward to reading your 50 things!


  1. Such a lovely post, sometimes the days just pass us by and we don't appreciate the little things. A post like this remember the little things you love.
    Steph |

  2. Thanks for the tag, going to do this right now! xx

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