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Monday, 2 March 2015

My newborn must haves

I waited until 20 weeks to start our baby buys, but when it was time I knew exactly what I wanted to buy, thanks to reading lots of fantastic blogs.  The first 4 products are things I bought which are my baby must haves, and I have added 2 things I would buy differently next time.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine
I will do a separate post on this at some point, but very sadly breastfeeding didn't work out for us.  We didn't buy a prep machine before Freddie was born which I regret! for the first 24 hours home from the hospital, each time Freddie woke for food we had to boil the kettle, make up the bottle and then cool it down in a jug of cold water, by which time Freddie was a very cross, very hungry baby! So day 2 at home Chris went out to get a prep machine (he also came home with a new pair of UGGs for mummy, top daddy points!), and our lives were made 100% easier! 

The Prep machine works by making a bottle at exactly the right temperature in under two minutes. All we had to do was keep it topped up with tap water as it sterilises it for you and put in the formula. It puts a shot of hot water in, then you put in the scoops, then it puts in cool water leaving you with a bottle at a perfect temperature! Bliss!

It can be bought for £69.99 on Amazon and Babies R Us at the moment, but it is so so worth the  money. You will also need to change the filter every few months, these are £8.99. The Perfect Prep Machine takes away stress and it gives parents the peace of mind that their babies bottles are 100% safe. Definitely my number 1 top by! Plus you can now get it in a sleek black, for all designer mummas! Buy here now!

Changing Table
 I deliberated over buying a changing table for ages, I think they are a real marmite product. Some people said to me 100% buy one, and others said you wont use it, you will just use your changing matt on the floor. I found this beautiful John Lewis changing table on Ebay for a fantastic £20! it was in brand new condition so I thought what have I got to loose? I am SO glad I bought one, especially after having a C section, there is no way I can get up and down off the floor, I have baskets on the middle shelf all organised with nappies, wipes, lotions and potions and on the bottom shelf I have a box of spare nappies, wipes etc and his bath box. It makes life so much easier, and I certainly do think these are a must have. Plus you can pick them up fairly cheaply, Ikea do one for about £25 I think. Plus you only use a changing table for like a year max? Obviously you must never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, so I just pop Freddie in his cot whilst I wash my hands etc.
If there is one thing you can count on when having a baby is that you will mop up a lot, and I mean ALOT of bodily fluids, So Muslins are an absolute must have. Muslins were very popular in the 70s too, so they have been around for a long time, so these really are a tried and tested product. I have bought them from almost every shop and my favourites are Primark, they are soft, thicker so great absorbency I can use just 1 a day, they are nice and big so they cover mummy's top well and are a bargain price. They was well too. I love Muslins so much, that I have started keeping one handy when I eat my dinner! haha. Baby pukes on your shoulder, no worries. Spill tea on the table, no worries. baby pees on the floor, no worries! (although maybe pop it in the wash after that one haha!)
We have the Fisherprice rainforest bouncer, and this really is a fab product. It keeps Freddie amused for ages! The monkeys hanging over him are literally his best friends, I think its because they have lovely happy faces and he happily sits and chats for them for a good 20 minutes. It vibrates which helps soothe him to sleep and he will happily take a nap in it too, the bar is detachable so once he is asleep I can remove the toys above.  This is great if like Freddie, your baby suffers from reflux as it keeps them that bit more upright. I can strap Freddie in so I know he is safe while I pop for a wee! Its a great cosy shape too and Fred just loves to be in it. Because of its deep bucket seat it will last a long time too. The best thing about it for me is its rubber feet, it literally does not move, I cant even drag it on my laminate floor, the rubber really holds its grip. So it is great to pop on the kitchen table whilst I get dinner ready, he chats to his monkeys, he is safe and secure and I can get things done. win win. Although once he is a real wriggler I will only use it on the floor. I highly recommend these and know they are very popular with all new parents. At just under £40 these are a great price too. buy one here. 

Side Sleeper/Crib
I, like most people automatically bought a beautiful blue moses basket, I loved it, it was so cute and I couldn't wait to put our tiny baby in it. However, I had no idea that I would be so terrified about Cot Death, and I couldn't see into the moses basket to keep an eye on Freddie. For the first week I literally sat up in bed and watched him breathe. I was on my knees exhausted and I ended up needing help to catch up on sleep. Freddie also went through a stage of refusing to go in his basket, no matter what we did he would cry and cry every time we put him down. So we ended up Co-sleeping for 4 weeks.

I really believe having a Chicco Side Sleeper would have been the answer to our problems. The side comes down and slides under your matress so you are in effect co-sleeping but plenty of room, and it is perfectly safe. I would have been able to see him, which would have made me more relaxed, I would have got some sleep and keep my hand on his tummy to keep him settled. Only problem is these are £150. I am more than prepared to spend that for baby number 2 one day, as I know It would have made those first couple of months so much better for me and my anxiety.  Even now sometimes he cries just for a cuddle and I have to get him out his basket.

Alternatively I would buy a crib, so at least I could see baby clearly whilst lying down and wouldn't need to keep sitting up every 30 seconds to check him, We like having Freddie close to us, and it works for us.  Plus moses baskets last like 30 seconds, Freddie is crammed into his and we need to move his cot into our room. The Side Sleepers are huge! Buy one here.

Baby Wrap
When I came home from hospital I wanted to carry on doing skin to skin as much and for as long as possible, but that's not easy when you've got things to do, visitors etc and in hindsight this was exactly what I needed. I thought they were a hippy load of nonsense and why would I need one. I didn't expect to want Freddie on me all the time but I really did. He also went through a stage of having to be on me all the time, which I believe is quite common and this would have made life so much easier. I am now a firm believer that newborns need to be on their mums as much as possible, it is so important for those early development days, and don't let anyone tell you you are 'spoiling your baby with too much cuddling'. You cannot spoil your baby, it is what they need. its innate and millions of women do it around the globe, its only the western world where baby wearing is not the norm.

There are lots of different makes out there to choose from, they are around the £50 upwards price mark but you can hire them from lots of places, and our hospital actually sells them on the post natal ward for £10 which is a trial at the moment. Also had breastfeeding worked out for us, baby can feed while you do your washing up and you know us women love to multi task! I got one when Freddie was 2 months old, but so wish I had had one from day one.

Do you agree with my top products? what are your 'couldn't live withouts'?

Thanks for reading! (apologies for another long post!)

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