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Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Birth Story

So I thought where better to start than a nice gory birth story! It's going to be pretty long, so hope you are sitting comfy!

I'll start with some background info.  I have type 1 diabetes that I have had since I was 9. This made my pregnancy complicated with extra risks. risks that were reduced by having my children young, which is why having our babies in our early 20's was the best decision for us.  The risks involved mean that babies of diabetic mothers are induced at 38 weeks.  The silver lining being I would never have to experience the agonising wait for baby to make an appearance.

I had 4 weekly scans throughout and baby was head down very early on. Up until week 34. I had been having strange feelings in my pelvic area which felt like kicks but surely it couldn't be? Yep. Baby had turned and was now breech!! I tried everything to get baby to move, spent hours on all fours, put my bum on the bed and head on the floor, the lot. But nothing was going to make our little pickle turn.

At 36 Weeks I was offered an ECV (where the baby is manually turned by a doctor) and after talking it through with Chris, we decided against it.  I will do a separate post on ECV's and why we chose against it at some point. So I was booked in for a Caesarean Section on Thursday 20th November 2014 and had to be at the hospital by 7:30am. It was officially time to panic.

I spent the next few weeks bouncing on my ball, feeling massive. I've heard people say they feel like a football whilst pregnant. Never mind a football, I felt like a bloody football stadium. I particularly enjoyed peoples comments on my size.

I had my Pre op on Wednesday the 12th and met the lovely midwife who would be with me on the day and all the ins and outs of before, during and after the procedure.  I felt quite calm and actually pretty excited. Only 8 days to go. Or so I thought. 

We had arranged for some friends to come over for a takeaway on Saturday night, I had been in bed all day and just felt awful. Huge, pregnant, uncomfortable and downright bleugh. About half an hour before our friends were due to come I asked Chris not to let them come, that no matter what he had to say, just cancel (sorry Amy and Scott!). I felt really protective over us and just wanted to be alone, shut the curtains and have some peace and quiet. I was exactly 38 weeks.  Chris had taken the week off and we were planning on lots of quality time together before baby arrived on Thursday, but I wanted to start our quality time right then and there.  We ordered a Chinese and put Xfactor on.  I felt worse as the evening went on, so Chris ran me a bath and as I was lying in the bath I noticed a strange rash on my tummy, like red blood blisters (would be really interested to know if anyone else experienced this before/during labour).  So I thought we better ring triage. When I spoke to the midwife she said it was probably nothing but would be best just to get it checked just as a precaution.  So I put my pyjamas on, grabbed my handbag, didn't bother taking my hospital bag and off we went.

We arrived at about 8pm and they were so busy, women in labour all over the place. So they apologised and we waited in the waiting room for about an hour.   Eventually we were taken through to a room, and the Clinical Support Assistant checked my temperature, blood pressure and wee, all of which were fine. She had a quick peek at my rash, wasn't too concerned. She decided to put me on the monitor to listen to baby just as standard procedure. She said I only needed to be on the monitor for 20 minutes but it might be longer as they were so busy.  I wasn't worried, we loved listening to our little man, and I wasn't feeling too bad, just fat and tired.

At 10pm a midwife came into see me, but before she checked me over she checked the trace, I knew by the way she was looking at it that something was wrong. She then asked me if I felt like I was having contractions, which I didn't. I didn't have any signs of being in labour. 

About 10:30pm the midwife came back with a doctor who examined me, they told me I was having contractions but they were very far apart, I wasn't dilated so they said they would admit me to the ward and keep an eye on me and if nothing changed I would just stay in until my planned section date. 5 days away. I was so upset, I didn't want to be apart from Chris, I kept thinking about all the things I needed to do at home, the last bits of packing, the last sort of babies things, and all the lovely things Chris and I had planned to do together before we became parents. 

The midwife and doctor left to get my notes and sort me a bed on the ward, they came back about 11 PM to move me to the ward, I had started to feel the contractions, they were getting stronger and closer together, although I thought it was all in my head, wishful thinking. The midwife checked my trace just before she took me off and asked me again if I could feel anything so I told her that I could now feel contractions and they felt quite painful. She confirmed that the trace was showing my contractions were getting stronger and closer together.  I was strangely enjoying them. probably because I knew baby was breech so this would be as much of labour I would get to experience.

Knowing my baby was breech and that I was clearly in labour, I went from the girl who was fine to wait in the waiting room to an emergency. The doctor came back about 11:15pm and examined me again, I was now 2cm dilated, in the space of half an hour. They decided to scan me to 100% be sure baby was breech, (although it was pretty obvious from my bump!) If baby was head down they would leave me to progress naturally and if baby was breech, I would be having an emergency c section.  I called my mum to go to our house and get the bags, baby was on his way! They scanned me and confirmed that baby was breech, so to get my things they were taking me down to delivery now.  Chris and I were so excited, grinning at each other. I still didn't really believe I was having a baby.

As we walked down the corridor my waters started to leak. We got to the room you go in before they take you into theatre, and I started to panic. I was suddenly terrified and convinced I was going to die. The excitement was well and truly gone. they were fussing around trying to get lines into me, and it took 2 doctors and 2 anaesthetists to finally get the 4 lines in me that I needed, which was horrible. The midwife who was looking after me was from the Caribbean or somewhere and she had a big booming voice which I can still hear now, not that I had any idea what she was saying. I was in shock, one minute I was watching xfactor eating crispy chilli chicken and next I was having a c section. They put me in my gown, put my stockings on and took me into theatre.

The Theatre terrified me, it was huge and white and bright. I had to sit up on a bed which was so high, my knees were level with Chris's chest. The anaesthetist explained the spinal etc, but I don't really remember. I felt really hot and that strange feeling before you faint, and I fainted onto Chris. I felt horrible, shaking, hot and terrified. I had the mother and father of all panic attacks, I was telling everyone I wasn't having it done, I didn't want a baby, and to get my mum and she will tell you I am not having it done. God, how embarrassing. It's mortifying to remember. But I was told it happens a lot when people actually get into the theatre, even the most of strong people completely freak, so that made me feel better!

I suddenly calmed down and felt all happy and fuzzy, I thought I had successfully pulled myself together but after reading my notes, turned out my anaesthetist had given me a nice dose of diazepam! I highly recommend it. After that I was just loving life haha. the only problem, everyone was wearing blue hats and gowns, and in my fuzzy hair I had no idea which one was Chris haha.

 Once I had my spinal, which was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, just like hard pressure on my spine, it was just the strangest feeling, I thought I wouldn't feel anything, but I could feel my body as normal just couldn't feel anything touching it. was the strangest experience. 

I was surprised when they said they had started, then I started to feel some tugging and I was happy as larry haha. Chris was stroking my head and I was quite relaxed and excited for baby to be born.  The funniest thing was I kept saying to the anaesthetist not to look at my eyebrows or my hair and could he tell the surgeon not to look at my toes, because I had been booked in on Monday to have the works, eyebrows, hair cut and colour, pedicure the lot and in my drugged up state I was seriously concerned they would judge me haha. I also kept telling everyone our Chinese was still on the kitchen side and could someone put it in the fridge. Chris thoroughly enjoyed my druggy comedy. Chris's list of crazy things I was saying are quite hilarious.

Then they said we've got some feet and 2 minutes later, at 1:10am on Sunday 16th November, Our beautiful baby boy was born.  He came out crying which was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and they held him up for us to see, and he started weeing!

They took him over to the resus table, and Chris stayed with me while the paediatrician checked baby over, after a couple of minutes he came over to say baby had scored 9 in his APGAR tests and was absolutely perfect and healthy. After a very difficult and worrying pregnancy this was the best thing we could ever hear.  Chris went over to see him, while I peeked over my shoulder, then Chris came back over with our baby and we met for the first time. Chris was crying and kept saying "he's amazing" over and over again and I was just grinning.  As I was rubbing my face against his. My heart just melted. I have never known love or happiness like it.

Freddie's first ever photo, on the resus table. I have never shared this before x

The first time I met my beautiful baby boy

Chris was cuddling us both and it was amazing to see him so so happy. He asked me what I wanted to call him, and we decided on Arthur William. But after cuddling him, he just didn't feel like an Arthur, so I asked Chris what he would like to call him. So he became Freddie William Peers. The most beautiful name that suits him perfectly.

Chris and Freddie were then taken through to recovery where my mum was waiting, while they finished putting me back together, then I was moved onto another bed, which was soo weird. Because I could feel my body but not people touching me, I felt like I was flying haha.

I don't remember much from recovery apart from millions of happy tears. I put Freddie on the breast straight away, and had him skin to skin for the first 48 hours. Skin to Skin is the most important and beautiful thing in the world.

I was in a bubble with my beautiful new family.

Although I freaked out in the theatre, It was an incredible experience, and having a Csection was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I quite enjoyed it.  The rash I went in with went away after Freddie was born, so it was obviously a sign of labour! Still can't believe one minute I was chilling at home and 6 hours and 10 minutes later our baby boy was in our arms.

Freddie William
8lbs 6ounces
52 CM long
blonde hair
blue eyes

I am booing my eyes out reading this! As I look at the pictures it seems surreal. I can't believe what I went through to get our little miracle baby.

Thank you so much for reading. told you it was long!!!!


  1. Such a lovely read, what an amazing story! Absolutely gorgeous pictures too :). Welcome back to blogging too! Xx

    1. Thanks Emily! Feels good to be back too it, feel like I have lots to write about, and even if no one reads it's such a lovely thing to have and look back over for ourselves. Although I hope to get some readers haha! xx

  2. I love reading birth stories! It's crazy how quickly things can change and what you expect to happen, suddenly doesn't. I love your blog by the way :) x


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