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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Freddie's first update!

So Freddie is now 15 weeks old and he turns 4 months on 16th March! I will do monthly updates from now to keep a nice record of his development.

Freddie's first trip to London on his 3 month birthday!
I last got Freddie weighed about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately our local clinic clashes with our swimming lessons, I am not too worried because he is certainly growing! He weighed 12lb 5ounces. He is putting on weight nicely and is following the 25th/50th Percentile. He is still really dainty however, which pictures don't really show, but he is quite petite. (Apart from his ears, he has big ears haha!)

We kind of have a routine, he wakes up about half 5, 6 and Chris changes his bum and gives him his bottle before he gets ready for work, then he goes straight back down until about half 9/10.  He always wakes up happy and chatting and will sit on my lap while I eat breakfast, he loves to watch me eat and waits happily for his milk. I change him and feed him, then he goes in his bouncer where he chats away to his monkeys that hang over it, while I have a shower and get ready. Then we have a cuddle and a play, then back in his bouncer for a short nap while I sort the washing, sterilising etc. Then we usually go out, if we stay in our day just consists of moving from one activity to another and out for a little walk for some fresh air. I am so jealous of people whose babies have like a solid midday nap, Freddie only catnaps for like 20 minutes at a time, throughout the day. So by late afternoon he is always over tired and crabby.  I have tried everything to get him to have a solid nap but no such luck.  He usually goes about 3 hours between feed, longer if we are out and there are lots of distractions. He usually has a bottle about 6pm then daddy arrives home about half 6.

He needs ALOT of entertaining during the day as he is so bright, and likes to be standing up, so I have very achy arms. he is full on and tiring but I wouldn't have it any other way. We now have a Jumperoo which is saving my poor arms and he loves it and will happily play in it for about half an hour.  He has so much personality and is full of smiles and he has become a real chatter box in the last 4 weeks.
Talking to his monkeys

Baby Gruffalo in his Jumperoo!

Baby sensory activities at home - Ball Pit!
This has taken a while to establish mainly because we were so used to him being a tiny newborn, where there is no such thing as bedtime. Just 24 hours of eat, poo, sleep and over Christmas we were out so much it just kind of got put on the back burner. So once NYE was over we decided we needed to be home by 5 every night, just the 3 of us to concentrate on getting some sort of night time order!   I was a poor sleeper as a child and it still affects me now, so I was nervous not to make too much of a fuss about 'bedtime'. But this is the routine we have established.

We do bath time as a family, I love having that time the three of us every night. After his bath, we go through to the lounge where I have the change mat, a big towel, all his toiletries and PJs waiting on the floor (I bring these through from his nursery before we bath him). I sit on the floor with him and let him have a good 'nudey dudey' kick about, and then give him a baby massage with his lotions and potions.  Then I put his Pyjamas and  sleeping bag on, which we always have hanging on the radiator so they are warm and cosy. Then Chris reads him a bedtime story, dummy in  cuddles to sleep and down in his basket about 7:30/8.  He then has a dream feed at 10/11 and sleeps through until 5/6am.

Bedtime stories with Daddy

Bath time
We do two classes a week and as from tomorrow that will become three! He does Baby Yoga on a Tuesday morning, Swimming lessons on a Thursday afternoon, soon to be a Monday morning and we start Musical bumps tomorrow morning! When our yoga term finishes we are going to try 'Baby Explorers' sensory class. I love the classes and cant believe how much Freddie loves them, smiling and chatting to other babies. They are so worth the money and because we are so flexible and don't stick to a strict routine they fit nicely into our lives.

It's nice for me to meet other mums, and even have a few coffee dates lined up.  It's great for Freddie to socialise and the best thing about it, all the yoga, sensory and music class are all in our local community centre a lovely 10 minute walk away in Kings Hill.

Milk, Milk, Milk!
Freddie is on Aptamil First Milk and drinks from Tommee Tippee Bottles with variflow teats. He has 6 ounces every 3 hours, sometimes 4 or sometimes just 2 hours! He is a hungry boy, and can be a bit greedy and make himself cough and splutter! We dream feed at about 10/11pm and he has about 5 ounces.  He very rarely doesn't finish a bottle now.  Unfortunately he is still a spewer, and will puke 2 or 3 times after a feed.

  • Rolling - I was starting to worry about the fact he hadn't rolled over, he has no interest in lying down and wants to be up all the time. At 14 weeks he rolled back to front once, and front to back once and has never done it since. I probably need to spend more time with him on his tummy or lying down on his back but he gets cross, he is so nosey and can't see what's going on!
  • Mr Chatterbox - Freddie loves to talk, he never stops chatting. He wakes up chatting and goes to sleep chatting! His little noises melt my heart! He doesn't 'giggle' as such he kind of does a silent laugh and ends it with a big loud squeal. He can make his voice really loud too, my favourite is his big loud sigh!
  • Grabbing - He has started grabbing and reaching out for toys, he is still more interested in people but does now have a few favourite toys and when you read to him he always reaches for the book and tries to grab the pages.  He also using his fingers to touch thing and is getting closer to having a pincer grip.
  • Walking - Pretend walking that is! He loves to stand, our yoga teacher has commented on how advanced he is on his feet, he can hold his weight with just me holding his fingers. He likes to walk to people across the room with in his over exaggerated slow motion style! It's his favourite party trick! I've got a great video of this I will share on twitter!
  • Teething - The red cheeks are here and the amber anklet is on! He is such a happy baby, and only cries when he is hungry and even then it's a shout not a cry, so it's horrible to see him in pain and so distressed.
Attempting a roll but being nosey at Daddy on the sofa!
Favourite things
  • Hands! Freddie loves his own hands, other peoples hands, and any fingers he can grab a hold of!
  • His Yellow car keys that flash and play music
  • He loves music and smiles to the radio in the car
  • He loves cuddling mummy in mummy and daddy's bed
  • He loves to stand and wiggle his hips
  • He loves it when daddy comes home!
  • He loves Mr Bunny and loves to suck his face!
He loves visiting Grannie and Grandad, they have such a good playmat!
Mr Bunny

Loves a snuggle in Mummy and Daddy's  bed!
His not-so-favourite things are - putting his vest on/off, that makes him very angry! When his milk isn't served quick enough and when the wind blows in his face! He makes a funny gasping noise at the slightest breeze, even when the tiny breezy as I pull the covers off him!

I cry all the time at how quickly my boy is growing. But I love all the new things he is doing each day and I am excited for all his next milestones! Apologies this post is so long again! This is the last of the super long posts. I promise!

Love my happy boy, but stop growing so quickly!

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