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Monday, 16 March 2015

A letter to Freddie at Four Months Old

To my darling little Freddie William,

I can't believe I am saying this but you are now four months old! You are less like a newborn baby and really starting to become a proper little boy! So much has changed in these last few weeks, you are coming on leaps and bounds. I am so proud of you I think I might burst. 

You are now eating 7 ounce bottles, sometimes even 8! You are a little guzzler and feeding you takes no longer than a few minutes. I wish you would drink with a bit more haste, maybe that would stop all the puking! Save mummy some washing? 

I don't think it will be long before you will need more than just milk, you are starting to show signs of needing more and I think in the next month we will need to think about weaning. Mummy is already stressing about the best way to wean you, I really hope I get it right. 

I got you weighed a week or so ago, do you remember? When you were flirting with that pretty little girl? You are such a cheeky boy! You weighed 13lb 10 ounces! You are so tall and still so dainty, mummy jokes you look like a little pipe cleaner . 

The beautiful soft hair that is covering the top of your head melts my heart, it is so fluffy and I take great pride in making it extra fluffy after your baths. 

Talking of baths, what's all that about? You used to love baths, from your very first one you were so happy! But now you scream the most awful scream, I bought you a nice seat to use in the big bath but you are still not happy! I hope we can get to the bottom of it soon, I miss our fun bath times! 

Our daily routine is still pretty the same, we are busy people! The biggest change is that you are now napping in your room during the day, only for 20-40 minutes but it's enough for mummy to eat! We have bought a sensor and video monitor and now mummy feels relaxed enough to leave you.  You absolutely love your big boy cot and squeal with excitement when I put you down, it takes you a while to drift off to sleep because you are too busy smiling at your mobile, I love seeing you so happy in your cot, considering you started life hating ever being put down!

We are still enjoying baby yoga and have started musical bumps, and you love being given the musical shaker.  You absolutely love singing, mummy sings to you all day, everyday and your favourite is 'row the boat'! It is so cute how you stand with excitement at 'don't forget to scream'.

You can roll over but only like to do it for Grannie and Granddad and pretend you can't when your with me, such a cheeky boy!

You are now giggling, and love to wave, you don't just wave at people, you just wave all day every day. I am pretty sure you are right handed as you predominately wave your right arm.  Your fine motor skills are amazing and you can use your fingers to grasp something. You can now hold your teething rings in your mouth, although sometimes you would prefer mummy to sit and hold them in. lazy boy!

Excuse the sicky dribble but you are so clever holding your balls! (I gave up trying to write that without innuendo!)

You still love to stand all day long and are loving your jumperoo that your little friend let you borrow, you would bounce away all day if you could! Everybody comments on how amazing you are on your feet, so sturdy! 

You are enjoying tummy time more now, you love your playmat and are really interested in all your toys now which is a joy to see. 

You still don't like waiting for your milk or having your vest taken off. You don't mind letting me know what you don't like with your dramatic bottom lip, you look just like baby Oleg when you do it! You love being noody doody and have started screaming with excitement at all the things you like.

Bedtime has regressed slightly. You still go down happily about 8pm but you are now waking at 3am for a feed, even if I feed you at 12/1 you are always hungry at 3am! We will just ride it out and hope it's just part of your developmental leap.

We have our ups and downs but on the whole you are the happiest easiest little boy to look after, it is clear to see how bright you are, it is not easy to entertain you, you like mummy to work hard and we play lots of fun games, I absolutely love it! 

The best thing about being your mummy is seeing your eyes light up when you see daddy and I, I love how your beautiful, infectious smile spreads across your face and I love how, to you, we are the funniest people in the world! 

Thank you soo much for making the last four months the happiest time of mummy and daddy's life. I cant wait to see what the next month brings us. 

Love you always and forever, Mummy xx

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